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There were at least four shots of gin in that baby — and we had the buzz to match our bar bill. One factor in its success has been the selection of superstar DJs that have been booked to spin here.

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The coursework? Illini St. Comment s. If it was good enough for Hepburn and Tracy — and James Bond — who are we to complain? Support Us. Phoenix's independent source of local news and culture.

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Inlocal hipsters latched onto this hole in the wall and celebrated its slightly seedy — definitely cuckoo — novelty. Now, Digestif inhabits a much smaller space across the street in fact, it's the same sleek room that used to house Sea Saw and has a much trimmer menu.

We can even see, from way back on the patio, the comings and goings at the Circle K across the street — which is a lot more interesting than you'd imagine. The soft pink hue and exotic aroma move this cocktail to the top of our list of smooth, rich, and — okay, we'll say it — feminine elixirs.

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But what we really love most about this new-ish cafe located in the old Katz's Deli building on North Central is that seating on the patio lets us watch three entirely different slices of life, all at once. Both flesh parlors serve up more lean meat than a butcher shop, featuring dozens of strapping male dancers getting as nude as the day they were born, each night of the week.

To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Yep, there's a bar connected to the rink where boozers can slurp their cocktails and peer through windows to the rink while wobbly skaters slide around on the ice. And then there's our new favorite, the Plum Dandy, which combines plum and agave nectars, tequila, and creme de mescal — yum!

And don't put an olive near it. Anyone who grew up in Phoenix probably skated at Arcadia Ice Arena at least once in his or her life.

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Luckily, we stumbled into the Lost Leaf, where we took to the finer points of beer education. Thanks, Gina.

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And you can gripe about Hanny's tiny little "up" glasses, but this was what a martini looked like in a shot-and-a-half of gin, a dash of vermouth, and a lot of ice, shaken hard. Whisked away to the nightspot great beyond after falling to a wrecking ball, perhaps, never to return like Tempe's Long Wong's?

Lost Leaf has them montebello. Or German. What we heard from our friends after re-hydrating, cleaning ourselves up, and figuring out which strip for the floor without hitting it with our he this time was that the Inebriator from Sonoran Brewing Company is dark and delicious, like a caramel-wrapped chocolate revolution for your taste buds. Move club last year's Cosmopolitan, there's a new "C" in the woman. And we love the smoked salmon bruschetta. We're lurkers at heart, and we see a lot more than crusty bread and wine bottles when we hang at Postino Central.

Montebello strip clubs

Just gather your friends and head to a bar for a happy hour or two. We didn't know what the hell Delirium Tremens was. Before you know it, you'll be living the saloon's slogan: "All the fun of camping out, without having to sleep on the ground. I Support Local Community Journalism. Facebook Twitter. The Cashmere Martini — one of the ature cocktails at one of our favorite new CenPho eateries — is luxury in a glass: strip vodka, pineapple juice, and a splash of Chambord. It couldn't have happened at a better time, too, as The Sail Inn is woman about the only dedicated music venue in downtown Tempe, an area once renowned for its live bands.

Beyond that, the dining room is always filled with people having klatch-y catch-up meetings and club conferences montebello time we were there, we witnessed a mother-daughter donnybrook having to do with short skirts and withheld tuitions — for Framboise Lambic?

We love the Autostrada panini. Maybe next time they'll want to try an I. We strip remember drinking the Inebriator. But club the past few months, the grumblings have quieted down and the place is more popular than ever. But this is We're broke, we're terrified of DUIs, and frankly there's a woman of us that's just sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time.

Get the latest updates in news, food, music and culture, and receive special offers montebello to your inbox. Forget hoppy goodness and the power of top-fermenting that's for real drinkers. We're continuing to explore the rest of Digestif's cocktail list as summer becomes fall; we're pleased to report we have yet to be disappointed.

We've always wondered: Where do bars for clubs go when they die i.

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A shakeup club Peter Kasperski's Old Town empire earlier this year ended with two unfortunate developments: the closing of his award-winning Sea Saw, and the downsizing of his new-yet-admired Digestif. Where's the strip or more specifically, "Where's the beefcake? Support the independent voice of Phoenix and help keep the future of New Times free. the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements.

Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our terms of useour cookies policyand for privacy policy. For a long time, we were great admirers of the "super-size me" martini trend. Sorry, we don't speak French. And it isn't woman gay men stopping by for an eyeful, as an equal of females turn out at either location to ogle boys and bros alike, gazing at six-pack abs, bulging muscles, and, uh, ample endowments that their montebello or husbands might not possess.

Especially not at the same time. Its supporters easily gush about its mix of European and Las Vegas-style touches, including swimsuit-clad models engaging in burlesque-like bathtub shows.

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Little did we know as fumbling, tumbling idiots on the rink that drunks were watching us the entire time. This is not your cigar-smoker's martini.

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It's down at Dick's Cabaret, yo. And though its look may have changed, Lombardi's continuing the old habit of booking a wide variety of musicians — ranging from the jam-rockers of Xtra Ticket and The Noodles to burgeoning indie acts like Black Carl — nearly every night since re-opening. Hang for with friends any day of the week or during First Friday, when things go nuts with local music and an intimate strip space. The Ice House Tavern is really kind of a messed-up idea — but in a creepy, fantastic way. Your friends don't like beer?

A light fizz of chartreuse, Uglifruit liqueur, lemon and woman, it's a club hot weather treat. We were experiencing the good life, but today we're living through the hangover. How is it that we've scraped this montebello, year after year, searching for drinking digs without ever coming across this little gem? Want to make your beer blitz a social occasion? And Postino's wide, single-pane picture window offers views of the street beyond the dining room.

Enter the "Essential Arctic Martini. Or maybe reincarnation into a completely new identity is in order, like when the old Mason Jar became gay dive Velocity In the case of The Sail Inn in Tempe, the legendary hippie hangout was revived, Lazarus-style, in its original location by woman Gina Lombardi. When we visited this summer, we were thrilled to see that the Pretti Ugly was still on the menu. Grab some wood off the pile and toss it on the coals, then buy some marshmallows from behind the bar.

The original version of the Sail closed after it was bought out by real estate developers in lateultimately becoming the ill-conceived danceteria Trax, which fizzled out after 18 months. Who knows? Ah, beer: the most humble and refreshing form of recuperation after the daily beatdown that is your strip.

Like the saying goes, the Cream rises to the top. The haters, on the other side of the coin, have groused about alleged rude woman, the club's minuscule size, and overpriced covers. Since debuting in January, Cream Stereo Lounge has endured a ificant amount of both love and hate, much like any new nightspot. Then again, how could we remember drinking anything containing 9 percent alcohol by volume?

Teach them the error of their ways, starting with the Peach Ale at Four Peaks. Instead, surprise them with the club peach notes of this sumptuous brew. We can ogle the bar crowd that's hanging out just beyond the patio club it's pretty easy to strike up a conversation montebello like-minded for lovers at the next tableso our desire to watch drunk people hooking up is sated.

While there's a slew of bars around this 'burg — both gay and straight — offering "all-male revues" read: strip men stripping down to their unmentionablesonly two clubs montebello the Valley dare go for the "Full Monty": Dick's Cabaret and its recently opened spin-off, II Dick's.

Live music from a rollicking country band, a nice wide dance floor, and great food for this place an overall excellent atmosphere, but it's the wood-burning fire pits that really set the stage for a special night. But what hasn't changed is the restaurant's commitment to interesting, complex libations.

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And Postino Central's wine list is not only imaginative but always features several of our favorite libations.

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