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Five burly men, stripped to the waist, entered a roped arena on a platform. Maybe one of the most detailed descriptions of a battle royal came in this Richmond Times recap of a boxing card. There are many aspects the museum staff encourage visitors to consider when talking about the Battle Royal or African Dodger. This scene was commonplace at many carnivals, fairs, and boxing matches throughout the American landscape.

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These battles made a big hit. He was wise, this little fellow, and, rising on all-fours, he crawled across the ring, climbed over the lower rope, and dropped to the floor. Some battle royal fighters were able to use their success as a springboard to a professional boxing career.

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Battle Royals were primarily a part of boxing bouts and wrestling matches as undercards and in some cases, fighters used the opportunity to establish a boxing career. But no more to-night! These battle royal matches were held at many types of venues and involved anywhere from four to thirty blindfolded "negroes. And so the fight proceeded.

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The Godfather of Soul, James Brown spoke of his experience as a boy in a battle royal:. If our society is mens to move past its racist history we must have a national conversation about topics like the negro battle royal and the continuing impact on US culture. The released man turned to the other group and picking out one of the men began without warning to punch him.

Ahm goin' to fight plenty more. After Beau Jack, who had shined cities at the Augusta National Johnson Club, showed his prowess in one such battle, club members -- including the renowned golfer Bobby Jones -- bankrolled his entry into pro boxing" February 12, Although in some cases, a battle royal was a chance for a person of color to get noticed in the world of boxing, the contests were demeaning and exploitative.

It was announced in the newspapers as an "Athletic Show" and it began with a "battle royal" boxing bout among five Negroes. The youngsters would slug club until only one was standing, and then the coins would shower down.

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When a man could keep it up no longer he left the ring and the winner was the man who stayed in longest. However, most often the negro battle royal was a comedic mockery and provided the participants with little more than the opportunity to be laughed at and ridiculed. One night Joe Gans, then working in the fish market, made an application to enter the contest. Reading the first portion of the Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison allows one to truly feel the disgraceful impact a "negro" or "colored" battle royal could have on individuals.

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Like many debasing practices toward black Americans, Battle Royals did not begin in the United States, and were not necessarily initially intended to degrade peoples of color. The other blacks thought of the old adage of: "He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day" and crawled out of the ring. At fairs, carnivals, benefits, and holiday festivals throughout the country, battle royals were among the featured events.

Advertisements for these events typically promoted them as comic events with "Negro" or "Colored" combatants.

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How do participants view themselves? Blindfolded African American men and boys beat each other senseless for the comedic pleasure of the audience and in the hopes of winning a few dollars. Manning, Grand Rapids, Michigan. How are the effects of Jim Crow perpetuated in attitudes about self and others that are still visible today? Question One of the museum staff mentioned a "Battle Royal" where black boys would be paid to fight one another blindfolded at carnivals, can you provide more information about these battles?? At the stroke of the bell two couples immediately began sparring.

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Ellison captured the essential truth that, regardless of what a person of color could offer society, his or her opinions did not matter, they were entertainment; they were labor, and very little else. Scientific boxing was not in evidence. What is the emotional and psychological impact of participating in such events? The story, accompanied with a picture, went as follows.

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During slavery, a battle royal or Free-for-all battle, was a common activity. Wilkerson recounts some of the recreational activities of the slaves, as described by un Force and Elvira Lewis:. Jack was the last to enter the ring, and directly he did he landed one of his every-man-for-himself opponents a wallop on the jaw, dropping him as if shot.

How do the men and boys who took part in these battle royals view not only their own self-worth, but the value of any person of color?

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Two men went down and out in short shift narrowing the contest down to three men. I have to ask, who leaves these festivities with pride and feeling good about themselves? The contest was one of brutal physical endurance. It so happened that the five picked on the one, and ere long the little fellow was knocked down. The participant becomes the target of ridicule and mockery in order to provide entertainment for a group that calls itself superior.

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Two big blacks then sailed in after Johnson, who danced out of distance, and, before his opponents knew what had happened, they were on the floor, because they foolishly permitted their respective jaws to come in black with Jack's right mitt. To be more exact, five were big, but the mens hadn't flirted with a steak in weeks.

One of the museum staff mentioned a "Battle Royal" where black boys would be paid to fight one another blindfolded at carnivals, can you provide more information about these battles?? He was asked whether he had had any experience and johnson admitted that the sport was all Greek to him.

The club man then pitched into one of the boxers who seemed to be city the best of it, thus breaking up the pair.

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No matter how cleverly a man might be holding his own he was always in danger of having someone come at him from behind with a none too well padded fist. Even the United States Military enjoyed a good "negro battle royal" and in many cases, the participants were enlisted men. How do they view similar others, their family, their friends?

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