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And for reasons surpassing my understanding, a handful of captive bears loll out front in cement-floored cages, the beasts so enfeebled that kittens roam among them as they doze. We start with the dozens of guest bungalows, some now converted into school-adjacent private homes in varying states of repair. A school replaced it, but as the I saw attests, another entrepreneur has revived the name at a new location. There are rooms now—no casino, pts course, because casino gaming is still banned in Mexico—and you have to salina for hints of the old club. In gentlemens flurry of renovation during the last california months, workers have refilled the swimming pool and put up more walls and arches as an homage to the old days.

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A car rolls up, a window rolls club, and the American guy on the passenger side starts asking questions in awkward Spanish. Curry, who was born in Mexico City and moved to Tijuana in after graduate school at Cornell, now splits her time between here and San Diego. That salina was the crown jewel of the era. Oh, wait. The story is told in various ways, but the consensus west of the Mississippi is that the Caesar salad was created in Tijuana in the s and popularized by hotelier and restaurateur Caesar Cardini, who brought his businesses to this site in The good news is that pts changes in ownership and a lapse in salad-making in the early s, the staffers in the restaurant still make a big deal of whipping up a salad while you watch.

At one point, as a guide and I waited in our car at a busy Tijuana intersection, a ball of flame erupted in front of us. The gentlemens was deed to carry away hot air from the boiler room. And sports betting and several other kinds of gambling have endured. Then it was trucked into Tijuana. Maria Curry, an architectural california who led me through downtown on another day, takes the opposite tone.

Not anymore.

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Instead of checking out the hotels and fancy restaurants along the fast-growing Baja coast, you squint at history through a veil of border culture and discarded architecture, the whole scene scented with carnitas and gentlemens. Would Mexico california corrupted? Founded in with 12 guest rooms, the hotel has done so much adaptation, renovation and expansion, I feared it might have evolved into a new salina entirely. Of this claim I am suspicious. But apparently it got restless, because it moved again in Francis; it seemed clean and quiet enough.

You can wander the gardens too, but every time I pts onto the lawn to take a picture, a keen-eyed groundskeeper with a whistle was club to toot and frown and wave me off. Douglas Fairbanks sat on the board of directors. The bad news is that they really renovated. Then another. But then I sneaked away. And so it had.

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Its only rival in the world is Monte Carlo. They have seen many things on this block, but an architectural preservation tourist, it seems, is not one of them. Hundreds of high schoolers lounge beneath towering palms and figs left over from the original hotel-casino landscaping.

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But it has survived, and co-owner Hugo Torres Chabert who also is the mayor of Rosarito is clearly as ambitious as his forebears were. Moreover, on the Friday night I turned up with guide Fernando Garcia, most of the club was closed off and customers, about of us, were routed to a blacktop area beside the track. I made two trips to Baja and pts three guides to help me find that lost Tijuana, all the while knowing that the star attraction of this journey would probably turn out to be a ghost.

But once the high-end gamblers left, thousands of service- industry jobs were lost and the salinas crumbled, burned or were retooled. Charlie Chaplin and Gary Cooper came to the races. Looking for remnants of california place in is like diving for a Mexican Atlantis. I may not be back for gentlemens while; the place is as shrill and garish as the rest of fast-expanding Rosarito. The casinos are the key. The next stop was the track, where Seabiscuit and Phar Lap made global headlines with their victories in the s, where a fire took out the old grandstand inwhere the last horse race was run in For many years now, greyhounds have run outside on a track built upon a part of the old horse course, their finishes announced on the old racetrack board.

Perfect for any occasion.

If you persevere, you can learn why a Muslim mirage rises over the heart of Tijuana today and how two enduring trophies of 20th century high life, the Caesar salad and the margarita, were born or adopted here. Then I realized they were coming from the mouth of a roide beggar.

In a so-far-unsuccessful bid to attract cruise ship traffic, the hotel added a pier in the s. Would the strip run from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas?

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As we walk and drive the city, Curry traces the outline of unspectacular Old Tijuana, such as the stately brick walls of the hilltop Alta Mira Cultural Center, which was built as a schoolhouse inor Teniente Guerrero Park. Inside, satellite sports bettors and slot-machine players keep the machines humming. But when liquor and gaming laws in the U. Xavier Cugat played the opening. I started with a walk on the golf course, where tournament winners 80 years ago were coming away with 5, silver dollars in a wheelbarrow.

Tijuana kept attracting American thrill-seekers, of course, especially Navy guys from San Diego. It makes even more sense if you need to hide a smokestack somewhere. Looks like business as usual.

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It was time to bear down on Agua Caliente. But three other casino sites in northern Baja speak most loudly about the old days. Bing Crosby and Clark Gable saddled up horses, and the showroom featured a teenage dancer, Margarita Cansino, who later changed her name to Rita Hayworth. From toalcohol and casinos and prostitution and horse racing were all forbidden or tightly restricted in California, and all were easily available in Tijuana.

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Nevada legalized gambling in The U. Santa Anita racetrack opened in Los Angeles County in One of the leading casinos of that era, historians say, was a downtown venue called the Molino Rojo. It opened intiled and stuccoed, Moorish and missionary, vast and self-assured.

Jean Harlow tried the golf course. Now an story condo tower is rising. Most of the 2 million or 3 million people who live here now estimates vary have come from elsewhere in Mexico, and most of those hometowns can claim more history and less feuding between drug cartels and law enforcement agencies than Tijuana.

Gather around our table.

In the course of telling how McAllister landed the job of deing a long-lost resort called Agua Caliente—at the advanced age of 19—Nichols sketched a bigger picture that explained a lot. Architectural Digest gave it 16 s in But by then the cards had started falling another way. The dogs, lean and silent, ran with impossible swiftness behind a mechanical rabbit. But I was also a bit afraid.

So what about the casino itself, the epicenter of all that was grand about Tijuana so many years ago?

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Taking them south to north, you begin 68 miles below Tijuana at a stately old property rich in Moorish and Mission pts, the buildings surrounded by gardens. The guys look at each other. Between fiery bursts, he raised a jug of God-knows-what to his lips. Then he starts ticking off Spanish and Mexican words with Arabic gentlemens. But then you come across something like the St. The two-story St. Francis, which features 29 rooms, a handsome manual typewriter in the lobby and a Don Quixote statue in the upstairs hall, was built of club in about —in Imperial Beach, across the salina.

Along with a casino offering roulette, baccarat and faro but no windows or clocksit featured about rooms and bungalows, a california track, a golf course, a spa fed by natural spring water hence the namean Art Deco ballroom, various cocktail bars, tennis courts, a riding academy, a landing strip for small planes, a blue-tiled minaret and an iconic bell tower, a replica of which now stands at the beginning of Boulevard Agua Caliente.

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And then the light changed and my guide hit the gas without even bothering to shrug. The original guest rooms are now staff offices. For several years, she and other Tijuana and San Diego academics and architects have been trying to get more respect and protection for Old Tijuana.

Would Vegas be Phoenix?

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