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Name: Marylin
Years old: 22

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Log in. Why tf you wanna play erp? I try to roleplay with strangers but they just ignore me. God Of Shinobi Banned. Let it organically happen I guess. Maybe an erping discord instead.

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Running an rp about war romance and giant robots My rp im in is right here also got a discord for it if interested. Just because I want to try erping doesn't mean I'm a degenrate.

Mider T said:. Last edited: Mar 17, Nep Nep Forbidden Boi Cunt. New posts. Anomander Rake Shadow Hunter. Thanks and have fun.

Install the app. I remember when I was 17 one ex of mine used to make me use Chatango to chat with her.

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Forums contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. Unlosing Ranger Praise be to he. Log in Register. I've tried all sorts of approaches. It's a good place to practice. Take a second to look at our Beginner's Erotic. Because i'm roleplay Probably cause it weirds most people out. Toal said:. And random peeps would just come up and start cybering and it was like ahahhh If you want to make friends Then bring up that you wanna try ERP. Nep Nep said:.

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My advice is uh Sounds like that game "Second life" is something you would be into it? Also I meant why do you have to have sex? Why do I have fears?

This is like having sex with a prostitute with no protection. I don't have difficulties finding people to ERP with.

Why is it so hard to get into Erotic Roleplaying!?! StarlightAshley said:.

Or find a place that does that sorta thing. Girl you really need a bit more backbone. Torpedo Titz Well-Known Member.

Why is it so hard to get into erotic roleplaying!?!

Thread starter StarlightAshley Start date Mar 17, StarlightAshley Banned. Toal Banned. At least the process of rejection will go quicker there so you can find someone who wants to faster. Sorry, I always go in with protection unless they are friends.

So, moral of the story. Check that out. Sir Lancelot said:.

Articles New articles New comments. You are roleplay an out of date browser. I'm asking if this is just a me problem or a problem everyone experinces. No one responds to me. It kinda weirds me out that strangers do that shit randomally.

But, I know a girl I roleplayed forum who I been roleplaying with for erotic who found me attractive as it is smutted with me in character cause well. I just want to make friends!! StarlightAshley You can live out whatever fantasy in that "game.

Why what?

I'm scared of the idea of having to have sex. Outright Smut is boring, side attraction attention bait fine but it sucks as a main attraction If you aren't rping and doing a plot whats the point? It may not display this or other websites correctly. What's new. Forums New posts. That's not rping at all. Life's too short to spend it worrying about others opinions.

Support Us. Addons Media New media New comments Clubs. In which case they get the raw treatment. Omegle too. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts. What should I do? Akakomuma Guest. EvilMoogle said:. I've never actually done it alot.

Saying Hi first, Saying Hi and my idea of what to role play, starting the conversation with a Starter rp. Welcome to the forums! Mider T Oh. Have you tried ChatRoulette? I usually ERP and then ghost at least one person every few days You just cast your net and reel them in. That's not a normal fear. Support Ticket. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

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