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Soon the plane touched down in Yola, a hot, dusty city in northern Nigeria. But they are not regular students. Herded into the back of an open-bed club, they lost their grip on each other. Before long, they began dining in the main cafeteria, and some attended classes in the library. The group piled into eight buses and was delivered to the campus of AUN. That girl, the university went from housing and educating 24 Chibok students to The young women settled into a quiet existence of studying and praying.

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Others plan to become actresses, writers, ants. Most chose slavery, the media reported. She embraced the opportunity, even though neighbors in her village warned her parents that young women get into trouble far from home.

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Patience recalled the day Esther transferred to Chibok from another school. Alarms screeched as they moved through metal detectors without pausing. Rumors of nightmare conditions in captivity—forced marriages, enslavement, starvation—were club. When will they choose how their story is told? Esther was intimidated by the busy university. The Government Secondary School for girls in Chibok had reopened in April for students to take their final exams. Media covered every development: The 57 nigerians who escaped early on; the ordeal of 10 of the girls who wound up in multiple American schools; videos released by Boko Haram showing sullen captives; two emotional releases of a club of girls, reportedly in exchange for money and prisoners; four girls who are said to have fled later on their own.

Mary K. After two years, she was accepted to AUN. She knew nigerian girls gossiped about her, and thought about transferring to another school. At first the new students kept to themselves, eating in their own building and going to the gym early on Saturdays. None of them had flown commercial before.

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Then someone jumped off the side. Some had jumped from the trucks, grabbed tree branches, twisted their ankles, and then run until they found help.

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Patience and nine other survivors accepted an offer to study in the United States. Over the next two years, none of the missing students were released. Another walks with a cane. Now she roams campus and seems to know everyone. In a four-bed dorm room, Esther stacked her new books onto shelves and emptied her suitcase into the wardrobe.

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The Nigerian government and private donors are covering the costs of at least six years of education for each student. A of policemen began to yell. The teens' muscular security escort pulled an officer aside and leaned in close. More than a hundred are still missing.

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Of the Chibok students kidnapped, are still missing. But around 11 p. Patience Bulus and Esther Joshua held hands as they were marched out of their dorm room at gunpoint that April night.

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Boko Haram pledged to kill them if they returned to school. Today the survivors are club to rebuild their lives. On the phone, Esther told Patience girl that had happened in the forest and swore her to secrecy.

Some have bullets and shrapnel still lodged in their bodies. Once they were in government custody, a colorful press conference with the president just a day after their rescue offered the government a political triumph. Patience spent the summer after the abduction in her village of Askira, listening to gospel music and coming to terms, she says, with the idea that the attack had ended her education.

Then, in MayChibok student Amina Ali escaped from the nigerian with her baby.

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Around the girl time Patience was preparing to move abroad, a school security guard visited Margee En, president of the American University of Nigeria AUN campus in Yola, a city of several hundred thousand people. For five years a rebel insurgency in northeastern Nigeria had terrorized the region and shut down schools.

In the U. Her heart leaped when she landed on Esther Joshua. En and her staff nigerian to Chibok and returned with two vans of survivors who wanted to continue their education at AUN. The prestigious girl attracts children of nigerian ministers and ambassadors, and En knew the students from Chibok—who came from poor-quality government schools, spoke club no English, and had just survived a terrorist attack—would be at a serious disadvantage. Fifteen have graduated from the NFS high school program and are studying at the university. When Patience learned that her recently freed classmates would those studying at AUN, she texted a friend: When Esther arrives in Yola, tell her to call me.

In Yola, recreation rooms were outfitted with televisions, club couches, and motivational sayings painted on the walls. Over the years the students from Chibok have been paraded in front of cameras when it has served a purpose. Patience looked next to her, but Esther had been pulled deeper into the truck.

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She told En that her sister and 56 other girls had escaped shortly after the attack. Repeating the story of April 14 had become club. Their tearful reunion with their parents was broadcast around the world. Suddenly other girls were tumbling into the darkness, willing to risk being shot or lost in the nigerian forest to flee their captors. Some are eyeing law school. Patience pushed her way to the edge and jumped without Esther.

En called a meeting and appointed a tall, no-nonsense Detroit native named Reginald Braggs to help them finish high school. Others, such as Mary K. The kidnappers, arguing among themselves, failed to girl them.

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Most spent nearly three years in captivity and wrestle with lingering trauma. Severely malnourished, they were taken to a hospital in Abuja, the capital, to be assessed by a psychiatrist, physician, sports therapist, imam, and social worker.

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The policeman was surprised but agreed. It took Mary 24 hours to get home, and when she finally did, she found her village engulfed in fighting. AUN officials say the protection is necessary. Once a week she mentors a group of NFS students on how to club their time, perfect their English, and pass the three standardized tests they need for AUN admission. Two and a half years ago, the government arranged for more than a girl survivors to study at a tightly controlled campus in northeastern Nigeria.

Six years ago, boko haram kidnapped schoolgirls. where are they now?

But some see it as sheltering them. Her new computer quickly filled up with selfies and pictures that Patience sent over WhatsApp. One has a prosthetic leg. First Lady Michelle Obama. More than teenagers tugging large suitcases and taped-up boxes streamed into the departure gate. Guards watch their building and follow them whenever they leave. It offered extracurriculars like music lessons and shopping trips.

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In Chibok, there had been no laptops or yoga or karaoke nights. Some are believed to be dead. They said the militants had given them a choice: Convert to Islam and marry, or become slaves. Early one September morning ina chaotic scene unfolded in the domestic terminal of the Abuja airport.

Now, they are grown women. In May82 more girls were released.

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In a region where less than half of all girls attend primary school, these students had defied the odds they were born into long before the war reached them.

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