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How old am I: 26

I called customer service and got a full refund. Customer service is worthless, they just ignore my requests for cancelling. They could make helpful suggestions to their members particularly men who could try to smile in their photos, or they are so far away from the camera you can't see what they look like. No way to able change renewal as has locked me out.

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Start chatting with one, widow, have a daughter Beautiful pics of famous Indian Singer. All my contact with their customer service has worked well. They send 6 to 8 notifications a day about your 30 matches to view even when you viewed them. Very poor technically! Still can't access my. Don't recommend this site. I feel like I've been ripped off.

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I was conned into this scam site by their fake daily suggestions. I paid for this site today for a month membership for close to The men on the site are not what I was looking for at all. We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. I recommend avoiding it altogether, No response from our time regarding these problems. I will take my money and E Harmony instead.

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What a joke, they were all fake come on messages to get you to. What a crappy site! OurTime ranks 25th among Senior Dating sites. They use so many fakes to entice you to pay. So many scammers. I've been waiting several days to get one simple photo approved. All they do is take your money and offer you other apps they say to help you be more successful but it's so they can get more money out of you. Thank you I did only one month trial subscription. Information was changed.

I'm app good time guy and well off. This site is fraudulent, they stole my money. In other words, it's scammers' paradise, they feel dating there and run rampant. The only way to stop them from charging you for the features they make up every week is to our you bank card.

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Even bigger problems with scammers and gold-diggers. I also cannot access my settings. No one answered. When asked to cancel subscription and a refund they refused. For me J4Date. And most will never reply back. Be forewarned that the men on this site are not motivated to finding a relationship. I didn't pay right away but when I saw I got 12 messages I thought I better pay to read them.

Ourtime review

As a subscriber Ourtime. They should also make it obligatory to post a photo on their profile. In the end of the day I wonder I pay for. This site is full of scammers and when reported nothing is done. I was listed in Ourtime for 12 months with an interesting bio and 12 photos. They use old profiles to send with matches as I had several that said the were getting off 4 years before.

Consumers complaining about OurTime most frequently mention customer service, credit card and fake profiles problems.

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Says it's not available. Their ladies often don't mind age difference, so it's not a problem to meet a younger woman if you are in your 50's or 60's and if you know how to talk to a lady. A lot of Profiles are fake, made by people who get paid to create profiles. I paid for a six month subscription to a dating site I cannot use!

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Customer service ignored all my attempts to report a scammer. They pay no attention to the age brackets you pick and send whatever including the same sex as you. I don't like having to pay for all the extra bits, they should just charge one price for everything. OurTime has a consumer rating of 1.

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Second one same thing I'm widow Please stay away My Ourtime profile was hacked. After a couple of weeks they stopped sending promotion. Over the months, I wrote a peppy line to five dozen guys within 30 miles of me. My computer keeps telling me it is full of viruses and scammers. They just post their app and sit and wait for guys to contact them.

The time line is that Ourtime team makes money on recurring payments and overcharges. Too obvious - Pictures with under aged children - Too many profiles have no picture, visiting your profile even sends our like to you - For an additional fee you can browse other profiles incognito On their web site is says: "Verified profiles"!

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There are real people on here. Once you have paid for subscription you can hardly cancel it. They don't have a good selection If I were you I would stay with the top five rated take a chance with them instead.

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I was sent a promotion payment, then sent another bill for a higher price and then another price for renewal. Do yourself a favor chaps, just stay away from them!

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And the real ones that are on there I'm not really too interested in. Ourtime is a hoax, maybe it was a good concept once, but its execution is very poor now, it's ridiculous. I should have read the reviews first before I ed for one month because I wasted my money.

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I've ed customer service several times with no response nor can I get a person on the phone. Not only are your "matches" not close to where you live, but you can't cancel this horrible site once you've ed up. Trust me, you will do yourself a big favor, if you don't go near this "service". They provide no real service but they just don't let you cancel, using all kinds of legal and illegal tricks.

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Take your money to a different dating site. Do NOT buy a subscription with these people.

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Not even somebody in India picks up a call for this outfit. They send you photos of men who are older than you've specified or far away at the other end of the country.

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But you can be assured that they don't belong to that kind of ladies who look down on men and search for their knight in armour this kind of women is so typical of Ourtime, which was one more reason why I left it. Problems with security! I get an everyday with my matches There is no help, there is no customer service, and the settings screen actually has a message saying you can't access your.

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There are various age groups. But a lot of them live in another state. The last week of my subscription I started having 58,47, or 28 views per day when normally less than Very disheartened with my first experience of a dating site. Any woman that is worth looking at will not communicate.

Very difficult to contact Our time in the first place.

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