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Name: Daloris
What is my age: 47

They have blk,white,latino dancers. Long story short, the bar gets shut down for a week and now all the girls are scared to do anything more for landings. She told me that she left the club for less than a week and was back. Been to playhouse many time. She passes her stage time just talking and told me she was through and would tip out. Detjunk Never been there, no comments about it on the strip strip club list, and only one substantive comment at www. The club is nice, comfortable seats, clean, they have stripclublist great food. Or if someone asks about a club try pm'ing a comment member.

I have personally received takeout service from a couple of the dancers from the sunset strip.

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And the patrons of the club were Lovin it. She looks better now, slimmed down a bit and for her age she looks exceptional. I got dances from this young hottie with an almost perfect ass, nude lap dances she put the pussy inches from my comment I could almost taste it. Change the names and try to do some misdirection. I had to take him to Crazy Horse afterwards, to regain his outlook on what stripclublist should look like. Thanks for any info fellow mongers. Booby trap W 8mile road and 1 block from john R road.

If I went there 10 times in a year that would be alot, but whenever Stripclublist was there I comment look for her or ask about her. Does anyone else know if this is true? Large vip area couches and booths very dark. The bar is very large since the remodeling new bathroom, Super Bowl week the place was packed they say. The poster said it's kinda shady, but then again it IS Michigan Ave. Years ago when the Wood-Six Theater was about to strip, several of the girls that could make it elsewhere strip rumoured to be going to the Sunset Strip. As for contact, I wouldnt advise it for some of the girls are overweight.

My expirence with strip clubs the day shift is your best bet for landings and take out. That's just the way D-town is - act landing and like you belong and you won't get into any trouble. Not to flame you but discresion would be better on everyone's part when it comes to strip club bars.

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And these are thick chocolates too my friend. He was horrified. I know Highland Park is not the best area at night but during the day it is cool. Hey any info on the sun set strip in detroit?

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Different shapes and sizes, light skin, dark skin. Could anyone give insider info. Very slow during the day probaly about dancers 10 customers maybe. Looks like extra fun could be had there! Thanks and happy strip. We spend about an hour sitting at the bar drinking catching up on lost landing.

Also there was recent vice raids and may still be watched. The rumours I heard of the club though tended to make me believe it was less than caucasian friendly Never stripclublist to Sunset Strip, stripclublist might have better luck at Club Venus. So if you prefer white girls, or even just girls with long slender hot stripper bodies that have little fat, and size that exists only in the ass and titties,you probably already have your preferred establishments and should stick to em. She left and the other dancers their I didn't think very appealing so I stopped going.

I was never a landing or anything at this place. If you are downtown, Greektown it is worth a visit. Stopped by during the day shift last Wensday to check out the place my last visit was about 90 days ago. Parking is not free unless you use the comment. Again, it is one of those YMMV comment of things. Fellow Mongers The other day I went to this bar which strip be nameless for the time being and I apologize now for being vague on some of the activities in advance because I don't want to offend anyone. One you wouldn't mind taking out of the place.

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Been visiting the Sx3 for some time now. A few older guys like myself were in the crowd also. Best times are day shift. The dances are THey are full contact.

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I go in there from time to time because I got boys i grew up with workin the door, so I go to visit. Wait a few months and it will be back to normal. I missed about a year without seeing this girl, damn. As a joke, me and my boy D brought him to the Sunset as a joke. You can get great millage during the day. Ymmv for either of those clubs.

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Man do I miss that place. In my mind i'm thinking she just wants to get the money out of my pants. My girl was back! For example there was a club on 8 mile, which everyone knows but will remain nameless that was doing the excat same thing. The customers are younger guys and girls yep girls lesbians like to hang out here too. We have also had take out from there a of times.

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PS-The wood six is where I got my mongering start. Free parking lot shared with the adult strip. This is a black club all the dancers were stripclublist but a lot of young hotties. You can touch the girls on thier breasts. Not sure this is where the girls ultimately ended up,as I heard comments also that the girls were going to Dizzy Duck long defunct and the Please Station I really never had a chance to check that rumour out and by now, with turnover in dance clubs being what it is, they are landing likely long gone.

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Great sight about the strip clubs you posted. Next report Players lounge, centerfolds, cheetas detroit and trumpps.

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Tycoons E 8mile road Same time frame, very slow right after lunch shift, had nice contact dances from 2 girls, one reminded me of a co-worker, almost spitting image of her 20 dollar dance in champange room and nice girls. It's funny, Stripclublist brought a friend out from Boston in March, and he wanted to go to a strip club. The bar was discribed on this board before and I hadn't been their for a long time. That said, If some of the Wood-six girls did populate or comment populate the Sunset landing it probably has something going on, at least on a take out basis.

As talked about on another board one strip was recently fired and another quit and now working at a another bar.

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Heres a few to stay away from on 8 mile Plantium The clientele is african american, if you are the causasian persasion you may not feel comfortable. I have heard that it might be a good place, maybe monger friendly. As far as getting extras in there good luck, the place is real small, no vip room, and there are bouncers looking everywhere.

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One of the nices strips. I had a favorate dancer working their but she had problems and stopped working long ago. She wanted to go into the v. So if you are going to do a indepth report on a club. I have never had a issue in there. Had a few dances good contact no hint of extras that day but the setup is right for it. I am landing stripclublist a buddy he's blackgo when I am in town.

Went in during day shift and talked to victoria, heard info on a recent raid on the night shift for prostitution. Thanks, Detjunk. Its by the airport. Last week I went back because I was in the neighborhood during the dayshift for a beer or two and comment out the changes.

Dances are 20 but they are more air dance than what it was ly.

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