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A male manager who can speak English and a few other languages also stays up front and explains the place to people who are not in the know.

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While it is not immediately noticeable as the place is surprisingly well ventilated most of the women working inside smoke. Performance always depends on any of factors but most women working at the Sexy Sauna aim to please even if they can lean toward the mechanical.

They sit around in the nude with their bodies exposed for all to see. Apparently they are checking to make sure that everyone is of age and authorized to work. The law enforcers go through everyone on staff to check their identification cards.

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They have enough room for things to take place but they are certainly not spacious. This key opens one of the many locker located downstairs. The smoking ban that has been enforced in most of the world for years has not reached this place. There are also organized freelancer places where guys can meet independent contractors for sessions in private rooms. There are strip clubs where guys can find women to take to private rooms.

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The lower floor where customer enter has some couches and chairs and a set of bathrooms. The halls leading to this place has a few showers for both customers and the women working the place to use.

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The women range in age from nineteen to around thirty with most falling somewhere in the middle. The structure is large and has many rooms. Upstairs there is a long full bar along with numerous couches and tables.

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Reportage of the scene in parts of Europe first appeared here a few years ago. The place that houses these cubicles is a bit odd looking and almost resembles something out of a sci-fi movie. I give it three stars. The layout and atmosphere of the Sexy Sauna is rather comfortable on normal occasions. There are probably more than two dozen women on hand most nights.

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Special requests are sometimes met for more money. The street is never very busy and most of the guys who walk up and down it seem to be from places other than Prague though there certainly are a few locals around.

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These are open and exposed to everyone who passes by but no one seems to pay much attention to whoever is inside. Entering through a large door customers come to a front desk staffed by women who seem like they will be financially penalized if they crack a smile. The model is popular throughout central Europe.

The management claims that sixty women work the club. Of course there are other ways such checks could be done but apparently they are not interested in that.

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Most of the adult entertainment in Prague is based around room based action. Most are not totally obvious to people walking down the historic streets of the city but they are still there often tucked only a short walk from some of the major sites and attractions that bring people from around the world to visit the place.

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Although venues operate openly in main streets people in the industry always seem to be looking over their shoulders. They are usually ed by one or two female officers who appear to be totally disgusted by the sale of sex.

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When the forces of the state are not being unleashed at this establishment customers are free to approach the women working the sauna for intimate sessions. The status of adult entertainment in the Czech Republic always seems to be in question.

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The biggest issue the place has seems to be with not infrequent visits from local law enforcement. Customers are never bothered or even approached by the law enforcers in most cases but surely at least some must be put off by their presence. Rockit Reports has always aimed at covering the commercial sex scene around the world.

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The Czech Republic has been one focus with the capital city of Prague receiving some real examination. Prague is filled with adult entertainment options. This comes in the form of unannounced raids carried out by a dozen or more muscle clad law enforcement officers who wear armor as if they were going to storm a criminal stronghold.

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Built decades and possibly even a century ago it was obviously not deed to house a sex club but the owners have made it work. It would be rare and usually impossible to spot an overweight lady. The women will sometimes approach customers but that is not nearly as common at the Sexy Sauna as it is at a place like Artemis in Berlin.

This typically includes covered oral and intercourse.

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Women from all over the world work at the Sexy Sauna. The sessions take place in a series of white cubicles prague look like they come out of Japanese capsule hotels. This includes full access to the facilities inside which are large but definitely not up to the resort sexy standards of a place like Mainhattan in Frankfurt. Customers undress and place their reviews and belongings in these lookers then shower and put on a bathrobe before heading into the main facilities.

There are things like a small pool and theater but not much else. Romanian women make an appearance as is expected in any European sex sauna but there are also ladies from many club places like Albania and Hungary around. It also shows the Sexy Sauna on the wrong sauna of the road. Of course this earth is a big place and is filled with things to be reported on.

As this report will reveal that is probably warranted.

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There are also male touts stationed outside trying to wave guys int their businesses. There is a rather large lounge room with two floors. Even a subject seemingly as simple as the blowjob bars of Bangkok can take years to cover in any real detail. It is located in the Czech Republic and has its own features and practices. The Sexy Sauna is located on a road with several other adult entertainment options. Still for the most part the women are generally attractive.

But for whatever reason, there is only one business that really follows it in the capital of the Czech Republic.

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Many smoke as if cigarettes will be outlawed within the next twenty four hours and they are enjoying their last pack. Customers can come and go sexy the day though they must pay an additional Koruna each review they reenter. Many must also be upset that they are prevented from leaving while the checks take place. It has gradually expanded since then. A real sauna however is that the comfortable prague occasions are sometimes interrupted by the powers that be.

Although that indicates the general location of the place the map is off by a few meters. Once customers pay the entrance fee they are club a rubber arm band that contains a and a key. When these troopers storm the Sexy Sauna they spread out throughout the facilities.

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