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I would recommend stearing clear of this app until it has a major overhaul. Relationships Dating Nonmonogamy Polyamory Sexuality.

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The focus on non-monogamy is non-existent. Feeld sets up each through a linked Facebook. The app is very focused on respect, and women have to be the ones to initiate messages with men. Website: Bumble. However, when it comes to non-monogamous dating the tables turn a bit. More from Non-Monogamy Follow. What do you think of our rankings?

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Tinder caters to monogamous dating, and has even lagged on gender identity up until recently. Their interface is pretty decent, but the fact that there are absolutely no metrics to keep the focus on other non-monogamous or open minded individuals makes it a difficult app to use. However, there are a few apps that have made the process at least a little bit easier.

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This makes for a very nice dating on the app. This in needless segmentation that removes most profiles from becoming potential matches. Dating is hard enough for monogamous people, and it only gets harder for the non-monogamous individual. Currently, I would rate Feeld the 1 non-monogamous dating app just app to the tailored approach they have. Like them, hate them? Daria Krauzo in Assemblage. Website: OkCupid. The interface is from the turn of the century, and the up process is long and grueling.

Polyamory, non-monogamy, and everything in between. Badoo is a pretty typical dating app. The closest individual to me was over km away. This can #open and hurt your cause. Get started Open in app. Most every profile has been filled out to some degree and people are generally pretty engaged on the app.

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Website: Tinder. Graceygee in Brighter Every Day. The Dark Side App Jealousy. More From Medium. A dating app exclusively for polyamorous folks. Given its size as an app and the ability to filter people based on relationship style, App is an amazing pick for people searching for other non-monogamous partners. in Get started. I would rate it better than Polyfinda, but bottom of the list otherwise. Writing at nonmonogamy.

Website: Feeld. PolyFinda is a dating conce p t. Tinder has perfected their user interface and ease of use and has probably the largest pool of profiles in the space. However, the execution is far #open perfect; or even good. This article originally published on nonmonogamy.

You can list your sexuality, relationship status, and your relationship style and segment the users you see based on the same criteria. Bumble has, in my opinion, the best and most beautiful user interface on the whole list. Feeld is definitely trying to grow the app and their active user count is on an upward trend. OkCupid is a fairly dating dating app on the surface.

Because of its focus on the non-monogamous community, OkCupid has a strong showing at 2 in our ranking. This platform, in my opinion, is the best monogamous dating platform out there. Tinder is a wide net, and it will be difficult to find people interested or even open-minded about non-monogamy on the #open. Tinder is the granddaddy of dating apps. I generally see new people popping #open in my area every other week, though it is not nearly as populated as a platform like Tinder or Bumble, though that will likely change with time.

Leave us feedback app other apps you think we should review in the comments! What separates OkC from the rest is that it actually has dedicated options for non-monogamous users.

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You answer questions about your personality, interests, and values and then it serves you up profiles based on your answers. The features are nice, but you can use the app without them completely for free. Feeld has a premium feature where you can hide from Facebook friends, see who has already liked you, and get a second chance to like a profile.

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However, the overall size of the userbase practically guarantees that you will find at least one viable match. Salma Hayek and the Myth of the Gold Digger. This is a positive thing as every user has been at least verified to be a probably real person. These negatives resulted in a very small userbase, most of which never filled out their profile.

Feeld has an absolutely beautiful de, even app it does get buggy when messaging on the app sometimes. Website: Badoo. There are absolutely no options for non-monogamous dating, and very few gender options. Vicki Larson in Fourth Wave.

Feeld has a fairly decent userbase #open is consistently dating. Refinery29 UK in Refinery About Help Legal.

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in. Yael Wolfe in Liberty. Website: Polyfinda. Get started. Open in app. After learning the platform, OkC becomes an invaluable tool for finding friends, dates, and partners.

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