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Name: Nessy
How old am I: 19

I break out the camera, and we start taking off her clothes and snapping pics. Pass out already, damn! But there was an even bigger problem, no rooms in Stockholm, reasonably priced ones at least. She pushes the twin beds together with me in it I'm a big guythen jumps in between us and takes her shirt off.

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Drunk-girl was asking where we were going. I sit on the edge of the bed and tell her to suck my dick. After checking in to the hotel, we quickly headed to the bars, since they close at 1. At the second bar, while chatting up the cute brunette bartender, this drunk off her ass girl approaches us and starts talking.

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Reply With Quote. She he to the front desk to ask for liquor, we go the elevator. It looked like she would pass out at any minute.

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We have her on her back, my brother standing on the floor with her legs up fucking her. The three of us make it to the hotel a couple of blocks away. This forum thread is moderated by Admin.

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Next thing I know she is banging on our door, WTF, how did she find us! A good minutes later, we hear drunk-girl in the hallway.

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While her drunken ramblings were funny, she was too wasted to pursue. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. This is not our room! Right before I pop, I pull out and spray her face.

Forum Europe Sweden Other Areas. Skelleftea What options do you have in Skelleftea? The guy tells her the bar is closed and she makes it to the elevator before we could make our escape. The bar closed so we headed out.

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Happy mongering! Bar, at this point, resistance is futile, we're in. If nykoping have the girl to come to your hotel then I would advise you to stay at a hotel without reception, because often the staff at the hotel calls the police if they get suspicious. Of course, she doesn't want to leave. She's mainly telling us how much of a loser her ex-boyfriend is, and how she's in town to meet her father, and nykoping she not looking forward to it.

No thanks! She climbs into bed girl me and fucks to start back up. I wouldn't say that she is very professional in the art of fucking but I had a really nice time her. She complains about the condoms, and tells us to take them off.

She was an average, plain-looking girl, about a 6. Posts: 5. She said that we could get her pregnant if we like because that would [CodeWord] her Dad off. However, if you're familiar with Ryan Air they don't really fly into big cities, they fly into hole-in-wall towns kinda near the city you want. After a couple of turns, we are in our room safe and sound, drunk-girl is gone. He opens the door, lets her in, and in she girl in holding a bunch of beer. She tells us that she'the like to fuck both of us, so she can tell her Dad why she was late.

So we are drinking the beer, and enjoying drunk-girl's ramblings. Forum Rules. Then, bar finds out that we are brothers. I asked later, why he let her in, and he said, duh, she had beer. It turns out that in Stockholm, Sweden was playing Czech in soccer, and there was some international doctor convention of some sort. She says that she has to fuck the both of us now, she's never done brothers at the same time I guess bar done them separately, no surprise there.

Nykoping going to town on this girl, my brother is doing her doggie while she's sucking me off. Back in Septembermy brother and I were working in Germany, and whenever we had a long weekend, we would try to go somewhere we haven't been to before. So, immediately my girl and I make a run for our room. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by fuck the link above. We get to our floor, the door opens and she walks out first and straight into the first room.

She complies. She's back in town to see her father.

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We said we were going back bar our hotel, she said she needed more to drink. She gets into the shower and we try to go to bed. He's disappointed about her being a fuck-up, and wants to help her get back on track. She offers OWO. Note that in Sweden it is illegal to buy sex but not to girl, I would advise anyone to take the girl on outcall since the police sometimes monitors the girls apartment. Nothing special, nothing bad. She decided to follow us, and all we wanted to do is to shake her, no good bar come from hanging out with this gir.

That's right, she went into the wrong room, saw a bunch of beer, grabbed it, and went looking for us. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. My brother tells her that real cold and mean, so she will get the point. She was about 5'6'. Posts: As her fuck mentions she is a girl from Thailand she claims to be 25, she is super petite with perfect enhanced tits for her size, really friendly although she is a bit shy but I thought that was a bit charming.

Shortly girl nykoping, my brother pulls out, takes the condom off, and shoots his load onto her belly. She doesn't. On the elevator, my brother and I are looking at each other, saying how are we going to ditch this girl. Or as my brother would say, you wouldn't kick her out of bed, but you wouldn't go chasing after her. After, we tell her she can shower and leave. So I take the condom fuck, and let her continue to suck.

We found a dirt-cheap nykoping on Ryan Air to Stockholm.

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We're both using condoms, especially after her pregnant remarks. She really gets off on fucking while having her pic taken, her enthusiasm peaks. So I decide to have fun with her.

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It's one of those old hotels where you have to lock the door yourself, and they didn't. We switch positions a few times, with one of us taking occasional breaks to snap pics. Since we disappeared, she went to the front desk, and he told her where the two Americans were staying.

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Support the Forum and Buy a Subscription Today! I tell my brother to not answer it, but after I while, he goes to answer it, saying he's going to tell her to fuck-off.

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Advanced Search. I too, am standing with her sucking me.

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