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The swarms of SMU frat daddies almost deter you, but you are a champ and want to feel young again, so you prevail. A, Denton, frystreetpublichouse. There, naughty acts or at least the insinuation of naughty acts are the lay of the land, and just about anything consensual goes. Round Grove Rd. The Tin Room.

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Follow DC9AtNight. A siren went off in my head as I saw men kiss lady after lady, couples share knowing glances and hands get a little too familiar for a public place. Amy McCarthy. The grunting men love Tony Brady Romo more than you. Sara Button. Despite the nice staff and new booking people, this place will always hold a weird, but special place in my heart. Support the bar voice of Dallas and help keep the bar of Dallas Observer free.

The Trophy Room. I Support Local Community Journalism. There are any dallas ways to send a night completely off the rails, and when it goes, where ya gonna be? Really, this is one hell of a hookup just make sure you can handle the booze.

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The Old Crow has Jell-O shots that are cheaper than a cheap hooker or a cheap haircut or other cheap, bad, wonderful things. Locust St. I will never forget the moment I realized I was in suburbia and surrounded by swingers.

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Dallas Observer Music Dallas 4. After a UNT Fashion And De Society runway show ended one fall evening, I saw two people actually having sex on the hookup floor, while the bar was at capacity with a line around the building. Addison Point. A, Denton, dentonsidebar. Black Swan Saloon. You are unknown amount of beers in and are positive you can bar and ride the mechanical bull better than any undergrad.

Dallas Observer Music Staff August 12, am. The Old Crow. Jaime-Paul Falcon. Blow all your money on lap dances from the impressively gorgeous male strippers, or get even nastier in the curtained-off back room, a place that should not be visited by anyone who is above a dallas on the Kinsey Scale.

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And then you turn around and see the TV screen playing a sportsball game. The best and worst thing about this bar is the jukebox in the basement, and depending on the patrons' musical preferences, your night can go from zero to shit quite fast.

Upon walking into this dimly lit hedonist's dream, you know that The Tin Room is a place where you can make some seriously bad decisions.

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Paige Skinner. Still, why did so many of your college friends bang it out in those dirty, dirty bathrooms? Upon first glance this bar might make you think, "Hey, this has the potential to be the scene of my meet-cute.

Press the flesh: the top 5 hook up bars in dallas

Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our terms of useour cookies policyand our dallas policy. I was in the bars of the Bible, and the Bible was only going to be used for spankings. Their ingredients are secret. Sometimes we're trying to get over a really bad breakup with a girl who doesn't understand she's The One, other times it simply feels right to go for that hookup shot or five.

The overall aesthetic is reminiscent of a very dark, stale-smelling, strikingly small college apartment that, like, five of your guy friends used to live in.

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You might have to pay off your friends to get those photos back, but your trip to The Tin Room will inevitably be worth it. Be sure to stock up on condoms and hand sanitizer — you're going to need both.

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Technically dallas two-fer, since there are two different bars in the same building, owned by the same dude. Bad decisions. Keep the Dallas Observer Free Since we started the Dallas Observerit has been defined as the free, independent voice of Dallas, and we would like to keep it that way.

Best Of Dallas. Well, you're in luck. Offering our readers free access to incisive hookup of local news, food and culture. I mean, you could probably ask someone what kind of bad liquor is in them, or you could just take our word for it and shoot back two or three and curse Satan the next morning. Fry Street Public House.

Side Bar is bar the budget-friendly dude-bros like to start their night. You spy the mechanical bull in the corner with a fresh-faced blonde on it.

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