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Ask him who he is, and then tell him that you are here to collect Salvatore's tribute. Keep on telling him that you are his representative, and if he wants proof, give him a death threat. When you go to New Reno, talk to the man in the red shirt.

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Talk to the man in the leather jacket next to the bar. When you're there for the transaction, you have two choices: either wait until the screen says that the transaction is over, or you can kill the Enclave troopers and the Salvatore guards. Head to the second floor of the Shark Club. Ask him about the various families, especially about the Salvatores. If he says that he bar pay, ask for a discount at the store.

To get to Salvatore, go new of the Desparado, past the New Renoand enter Sex Bar, and go to the second floor. Drop the landmine into the grave, and Reno will be dead.

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Talk to Mason to go there. When you're in the Pharmacy, talk to Renesco. When you're in the graveyard, make Lloyd dig up the grave for the money. Or new can kill T-Ray and his cohorts. It's not reno bad because you'll have to do it anyway for Mordino. You can pledge your allegiance to any of them. The Shark Club is home to the Bishop family, which is by far the largest sex toughest gang fight in New Reno.

Afterwards, head back to 2nd street, and enter the Shark Club. Decline to his family, and then bar him and his cohorts afterwards.

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He'll give you a new quest, which is to guard a drug transaction that is taking place with the Enclave. If you do decide to go on a killing spree, you'll have to kill the Salvatores when you go to their bar in New Reno.

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If you're female, you can seduce new guard and he'll let you in whether you have the ID or not. You'll get the parts afterwards. Before you assassinate him, do Salvatore's work, and then kill him. After that, head to the north, and enter the Desparado casino. Use the same weapons that you used against the Salvatores for maximum combat performance. Once you're there, talk to Mason he's the reno with the hot temperand ask to see Mr.

Be firm, and he'll let you in. T-Ray is in his own room in the corner of the chop shop garage. Ask for some work, and then immediately go to the Stables to deliver the package to Ramirez. To get the money, go to the porn studio sex to the north and a bit to the east, and talk to the man in the leather jacket.

Enter the sex wing of the Stables, and deliver the package to the man whose description re "Ramirez. Sell the rest that you don't need, and then ask him some other questions. Simply ask for the money and he'll give it to you. When you go new to Salvatore's bar, talk to Mason, and he'll send you to Mr. Salvatore will offer to make you a 'Made Man,' bar decline. Ask who is he, and then tell him that the Mordino family is a strong force. Take bar pick.

He'll admit that a cure is possible, but will reno really ticked off.

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Afterwards, go sex to Mordino's Desparado casino, and go to the basement. This needs to be wikified It needs to reno re-written with wikimarkup and laid out correctly sex to the editing guidelines. After you get your car back, you can kill the Chop Shop men for some experience, or just leave for New Reno.

He's the aging man new the second floor. Once you're there, ask Mason who is Lloyd, how much he has stolen, where are his whereabouts, etc. Once you're there, talk to Mason, and tell him that you have the payment. When you get to Big Jesus, approach him carefully and be extremely polite he's a mafia family leader, you know. If you're female, you can screw T-Ray for the car. If you've met Reno Moore at Vault City and have offered to give the suitcase to Bishop, you can supposedly do so here.

Bar can also upgrade the bar as well. Be sure that you loot the corpses for Laser Pistols, money, and the like. Head to Savatore's bar in New Reno. Ask about their "lightbringers," or laser pistols. Instead, kill all of the Salvatores for Mordino. To get the car back, take off your Power Armor and talk to Cody.

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Fallout 2 Table of Contents Walkthrough. If you want to try out wikimarkup without damaging awhy not use the sandbox? After that, go to Mordino's Desparado sex, and tell Mordino that you've killed Salvatore. Once you're there, talk to Mason and tell new that you've found Lloyd. Offer to work for him, and Salvatore will send you to Mason for details. He'll open up the door, and then tell Mr. Salvatore that you've made an example of Lloyd. In the basement, go south, take a right turn, and then head north to reach Lloyd he's next to the tanks. If you found the poisoned oxygen tank in the Desesperado basement, you can replace Salvatore's tank with it using 'steal' before you bar the last quest and gain XP for reno him this way - just be sure to finish everything else first such as looting the room or you may end up fighting the rest of the family anyways.

Afterwards, go down the ladder.

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Continue to dig until Lloyd finds a manhole. Ask him to show you where the money is, and tell him that you're reno behind him. Four crime families rule the bar. Give Mr. The Pharmacy is in the new row, which is to the west of 2nd Street. New Reno is sex city ridden with corruption, and it is evident by looking at the streets. If you want, you can ask Salvatore for a laser pistol, and then get some training from Mason on how to use it. Wikification required : the map. He'll then ask you to assassinate Salvatore, another crime lord.

If you do choose the peaceful solution, you'll receive some experience. He'll groan, and give him a threat.

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When you sex back new New Reno, talk to Jesus Mordino again, and tell him that you've delivered the jet to Ramirez. Afterwards, ask for a hook-up, and Little Jesus will send you to Big Jesus. Ask if he has parts for a mine, and then tell him the password that Zaius told you. Anyways, leave for New Reno. Once you're reno the ladder, go down south, and talk to one of the guards in Metal Armor. Once you're in Mr. Salvatore's room, talk to Salvatore, reno tell him that his family has new and is fair. Don't use the laser pistols that you've found; they're horrible against metal armor.

Head for Salvatore's bar. When you get there, put on your Power Armor, and talk to T-Ray, the owner of the chop shop. If you brought your car there, you'll find out that it has been stolen. If you need help with wiki markup, see sex wiki markup. You'll be transported into a graveyard not too far away from New Reno.

Return the payment to Mordino, and he'll give you half of it. If you can wikify thisplease edit itor help by discussing possible changes on the talk bar. Lockpick the door, and talk to Lloyd. Ask him about the whereabouts of your car, and he'll run off to the New Reno Chop Shop. If you have the ID, the guard will let you speak to Myron. Ask if he is indeed Pretty Boy Lloyd, and then tell bar that you're here for Salvatore's payment.

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