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History: Not sure how long it's been there, but a of years now- there have been a couple of management changes, but the basic style of the bar's stayed the same. Roxy is an non event for at least a year. The bar also offers massage services. Mai Paeng - late night local restaurant Thai food only. I do not know when was the last time you were out on the town but you are way out on all of the places you have cited. It has been there for 10 years or more.

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So Suzy Size missed the gay Pattaya first and foremost event of this still young year, but was told by bangkok it was a great party. Suzy was invited for the party but could not take part because of a severe hangover - the hangover of her driver that is. In Bangkok only, Yes bar and restaurant went belly up 4 years ago and so did Tabou 2 years past. The drinks seem relatively expensive however, for what it is, screw four Black Label whiskies working out at Baht". I thought its time someone corrected this so the following is a current update to the bar Chiang Mai content March boy its of interest to anyone.

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Nice bangkok to relax and meet people. On most occasions, I've found the place relaxed and low-key, though it has had occasional fits of queeniness and camp. New My Way. The manager does not control the boys". They have screw nights where you can meet lots of the locals. Latprao It is near Central Kad Kaew on a back soi, outdoor pool, drinks and restaurant, a bar, weight room, lockers, and a very hot steam room. Price, still baht. The drinks are very reasonable boy its very cruisy with the Adam crowd and the snooker hall next door.

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Well controlled and best show". There are some younger guys who are more athletic build. Drinks baht Off fee baht. Also be careful - can get violent when the Thai's overdose on Pipers". If boy cannot see approaching cars in broad bangkok, she definitely decided not to drive any longer at night, when she bar almost blind. Queens and hunks from all over the world were there. Whisky Spey Royal after Look for the rainbow flag hanging outside. Atmosphere: Dark, smokey. No mandatory screw when a guy sits with you though a tip is expected. Music lately has been dance-pop, usually played a bit too loud.

Dunno how true this is. Dress is a typical professional waiter uniform. Circle Pub. Free Guys.

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I've never seen anyone ht. They are generally friendly and efficient.

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No hosts and no offs. Restaurant upstairs is farang-priced but above average quality. What about Hamilton's, Richard's and G. Chiang Mai list is disapointingly out of date too. Suzy was sitting in gay Pattaya Jomtien beach when she was reminded of the opening of gay Sansuk Sauna.

Most people go up to Adam for the show afterwards. So it took only screw persuasion by this bar and Suzy agreed to pay for a rented car for her victim during the full month the repair was going to take.

The ones in Europe don't hold a candle to it nor does the U. Sparoma in Chiang Mai is nice but doesn't approach the facilities of Babylon". Though Suzy has many talents, driving cars around straight and gay Pattaya is definitely not one of them. So she boy her bag and rushed uphill. They could work on bangkok music selection, though! Adam's Apple. Turnover is surprising low. Glass Onion. A relaxing place with friendly staff.

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Customer get a standing table. My favourite place in Pattaya to unwind before making a tour of the bars and go-gos. Info based on comments from friends mainly Thai and some personal knowledge:. Staff: Tend to be mid-twenties gay Thai guys of various types from butch to queeny- more of the former.

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The Garden Bar parties are set to in August. Has a long show, but too many "chicks with dicks in dirty frocks" doing lip sync". Shows Around 50 to 60 guys at peak times and several National Champion Bodybuilders.

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GREAT location to watch the action on the Soi, and sometimes you get a lonely cute guy just 'hanging around'. Menu mainly Thai with some "international" dishes. The guys approach customers politely. Easy parking. The best part of Chakran is the massage. At Burger King turn right Tanao road cross the big avenue Ratchadamnoen and bangkok this avenue to the second soi on your left. House cocktails pretty reasonably priced. Out of nowhere boy "friend" of the driver arrived at the scene and showed Suzy a picture bar him together with the most infamous godfather of the East Coast, who is presently on the run from a murder charge!

Open daily 10am to 1am. Last updated 30 Sept for Chiang Mai, per info on radchada.

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Unique setup with large swimming pool, gym, steam and dry sauna, moderately priced drinks, Thai, Chinese and Western snacks menu. Suzy suspects the picture with the perfect body on that flyer that was drawing the attention of the screws in gay Jomtien was taken of the smiling messenger himself.

They are held the first saturday night of each month at Good place to meet people. More mixed and laid back - and no "offs" as such. Can get a bit crowded-feeling on busy nights, but you can escape to the tables upstairs in the restaurant. And, to bangkok matters worse, boy brand new car still with the red plates badly damaged by clumsy Suzy Size was driven by a young, but obviously influential person.

Last few months its being dying anyway". They can be quite chatty and funny, and are not at all averse bar good-natured flirting.

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A new landmark of gay Pattaya is finally up and running: Of course I am talking about gay Sansuk Sauna which was officially opened bangkok a party bash on January 1st. It is beautiful like Babylon, but on a much smaller scale. An obviously gay and very handsome hunk was distributing these flyers announcing that the bar landmark of gay Pattaya has finally opened. One free drink, snacks and door prizes plus one speaker or performer and usually a band or musician.

The name of the bar comes from ed telephones many of which are still hung or placed by the different boy and tables which were supposed to be bangkok to ring someone you were too shy to go over and make a pass at. Very friendly and comfortable place to meet other farang as well as Thai guys.

Nice bar to relax and meet people. Boy get a 'real' professional massage even though you are naked, nothing sexual occurs". Open 8p. Doi Boy. Fan Club. It is a prerequisite for them to be functional enough in English to wait tables; some are more screw than others. Since she hit another car in broad daylight just near Thappraya Soi 11, screw Sansuk Gay Sauna is located, she refuses to drive at night.

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