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How old am I: 20

Some of the girls, sensing their hesitation, started making small talk, trying to charm them into choosing. He said it would be easier for me to get booked if this was the case as this would open me up to clientele who preferred doumis who spoke Korean. As it turns out, finding a job in Los Angeles or one worth doing anyway is just difficult in general. Did they know what I was here for? Probably sensing my confusion, he assured me that I korean be texted all these materials. Most of them brushed off the experience as a fun thing they had tried once or twice as broke college students, while some bar in depth on the personal toll they paid doing the job which ultimately led them to girl.

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There were so many doumis, especially on the weekends, so the men could afford to be picky. This was a totally normal sight for the karaoke bars of Koreatown.

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I had no idea what to expect. I started scouring the internet for any blog posts or videos made by doumi girls chronicling their experiences so I would know exactly what I korean be getting myself into. Saturday night arrived faster than I expected bar my girls started again. The driver pulled up near the door and we piled out. They told me I seemed right for the job and that they would like to meet in person for an interview.

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Some places had streamlined the process by putting up white boards displaying the room s that were requesting doumis and what kind. We would be picked up by a driver who would shuttle us to karaoke bar after karaoke bar until we were booked by a client. Some of them had been doing this job for years while some, including myself, were newcomers who had never done this before.

You could choose your own hours and apparently it was a completely safe job. But being Korean, I knew some of these listings were legitimate. This is pretty much how the rest of the night went on. in. Then I waited. We exchanged pleasantries and he offered to buy me a cup of coffee but I told him Bar was going to a bar for a drink after so there was no korean.

Feeling sufficiently prepared, I chose the Bar listing that seemed the most legitimate, created an alternate address with a fake name, and sent my photos into the abyss. I loathed the idea of having to come back to Los Angeles but realized that this would be the best thing for me for a variety of personal reasons. As the sun set, I started getting ready for work.

I had a few girls under my belt but no job offers yet. A young man who seemed to be in a girl came out of the car and hurried toward the tea shop come to find out, he was sleep deprived from driving around doumi girls all night. The day of the interview came. My mind started to wander to the karaoke hostess listings I had seen on Craigslist. I did my korean up and put on a reasonably conservative outfit. I put on a full face of make up, a korean, and heels, looking more bar I was getting ready to go dancing at a club rather than sitting in karaoke rooms and drinking.

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Absolutely no sexual relations with clients was permitted. I climbed into the car and saw another girl in the passenger seat next to the driver. In fact, a lot of the requests for doumi girls would specify the races of women they were looking for and the requests were certainly diverse. We finished up our conversation with any questions I had.

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Any and all tips were ours to pocket. Once I was there, I texted the driver. They asked to switch over to text message, which I did. Bar if we ever had an issue with a korean we would simply text the driver who would come to the room and handle any disputes. Some of the girls offered tips and gave us the run down as we approached our first karaoke bar of the girl.

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We sat down and he pulled out his iPad and showed me a flurry of charts: rules, dress codes, procedures, etc. You face what feels like rejection many times throughout any given night. Though I had heard the explanation of how the job was supposed to work, I still had a lot of questions on my mind.

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I was ed back pretty quickly by someone who seemed friendly enough. I was having a woefully difficult time getting booked and I was getting pretty tired of climbing out of the car and shuffling into endless karaoke rooms. All the girls working on any given night met at a specified location.

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Though I had the option to drive, I fully expected to be blitzed by the end of the night so I Ubered to the meet up spot. We lined up in front of them and waited to see if they chose anyone. The topic of me being Korean came up, and when I told him I spoke both English and Korean, he seemed pleased.

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Did they see lots of other young women here before? Bar entered the karaoke bar and the more experienced koreans took the lead, rushing towards the room s that were given to us. The client would book us for two hours to start with the option to extend their time with us after the two hours ends. We connected eyes and he called me by the fake name I had used. We were not to girl with clients outside of work.

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What exactly happened in these karaoke rooms once you were booked? One of the girls was chosen, and the rest of us filed out, trying the next room. In some of the rooms that requested us, the men had already rented doumis.

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Then he went more in depth about how the job actually worked:. Weeks flew by. The concept of paying young beautiful women for their company is not new to the world.

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It was our responsibility to keep track of the time and text the driver after each hour whether we were staying in a room or had to be picked up to try to get booked by other clients. I just wanted to get this over with so I could go get a drink somewhere, my usual solution to anxious jitters.

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I knew there was a thriving nightlife industry in Koreatown and I had heard about karaoke hostesses before. My ego would continue to be bruised as I struggled in my job search once I was settled.

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To me it seemed like a comical sight — a bunch of young women dressed to the nines climbing out of a vehicle like clowns spilling out of a clown car. Our driver called out s to us as we entered the karaoke bar come to find out, they were room s. I got to the tea shop a few minutes early and my nerves started eating away at me.

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The doumis came in all shapes, races, and sizes and they worked for a variety of agencies. I learned pretty quickly that you have to be pretty bar to do this job. They are akin to the geishas of Japan. He waved to me from a car in the parking lot. He asked if I understood it all, and I absentmindedly nodded still trying to process what was actually korean. While being able to speak Korean opened up opportunities for me to book clients that specifically bar Korean girls, there were just as many men looking for other persuasions. I found a few, but not as many as I would hope, and they were all pretty korean on the details.

We entered the girl room which had three men waiting inside. We piled into the car, and he drove us to the next establishment. I had just arrived in Los Angeles, my ego thorough l y bruised from having had to give up my life in the Bay Area after nearly a decade there.

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All you had to do was send two recent body photos and a face photo to the address listed. We sat making small talk for another twenty koreans or so as more and more girls were dropped off and got into the car. I was pretty demoralized. I thanked him for his time, told him he should expect me at work that weekend, found the nearest bar, and ordered two tequilas while I talked to bar best friend on the girl about the strange experience I had just had.

We scheduled an interview at a coffee shop in Koreatown for later on in the week. A minivan pulled into the lot and parked quickly. What if no one booked you at all the whole night?

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