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Emerson - [ protected] Leah Fletcher, Executive. Seniors How to combat social isolation. I am retiring from dancing in clubs to take on activism full time.

Advertise. Stateside Widening fight over guns features prominently in court race. Go With The-Flo. The bottom line for me is that this is not about where you work. How many Black women has my club hired?

The article really said that they were not being treated right in strip clubs. I told them I thought people should have fair treatment wherever you work. The club owners are demonstrating how little they think of their dancers, putting them in harms way, healthwise.

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The question remains, however, should strippers be performing pole dances and having money thrown at their feet at Malcolm X Park, while they are at the same time holding protests against ill-treatment at strip clubs? The feedback was mixed.

These following comments philadelphia posted on Facebook about the strippers protesting, fundraising and strip on poles at Malcolm X Park in broad daylight. Elder Kim Fuller, who lives in the community and who is one of the administrators at a club school across the street from Malcolm X Park, was alerted by a friend who saw the Strippers Strike event as it was unfolding.

Politics Analysis: Biden pitches big government as antidote to crises. Bammrose, founder and resident of Stilettos, Inc. Leave a Comment.

I reminded them that we needed to stay on topic. As I interviewed Bammrose, she reminded me that the late Maya Angelou, famed author and poet, was once a sex worker.

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Fuller also noted that she invited City Councilwoman Jamie Gauthier and Committeeman Greg Spearman to her in the park when she met with members of Stiletto Inc, but they were no shows. Fact: Due to the coronavirus, all strip clubs are supposed to be shut down in Pennsylvania.

We have poles. Have it in front of the strip clubs that you work at to draw the attention there.

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That friend sent her a text and a couple pictures of what was happening, which made Fuller get over to the park as quickly as she could. The Philadelphia Sunday Sun Staff.

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Some did have much of their butts exposed, as they were wearing G-strings, not panties. Urban and Black clubs owned by non-Black people are a problem. Fuller charges that in her opinion, Bammrose and those who were with her when they met face to face, did not deal with the subject at hand. In both instances, when Stilettos, Inc. Some of the dancers had on a bit more clothing than others.

They were being cheated. White clubs and non-urban clubs that refuse to hire Black women are a problem.

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I will be holding them to a higher standard, educating and unifying dancers and offering aid to dancers that need it. We deserve the same professionalism as any other industry. They were club harassed. I will be calling out these clubs on their strip and sketchy policies. This is about bringing philadelphia concerns to a public forum where children are. That means the women and men who dance in these types of establishments have not worked in months.

Dancing is legal. But keep in mind, the way Stilettos, Inc. I challenged the fact that it was a protest.

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Follow Us. Bammrose is the stage name of a young woman in her mid-twenties who has founded a group called Stilettos, Inc. What has my club done in support of Black Lives Matter that they profit off of? My issue is not what you do, nor how you do it. Donation requirements for all men.

The sexual harassment found in all clubs is a problem. We deserve equal opportunities to work wherever, based on talent and not race or what our natural hair looks like.

But by the time she arrived, the event was over and the tent that had been set up for the dancers, the poles and all that stuff were being packed into several vehicles.

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