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I was still sad about the one at Hustler and wanted a redo. from The Bold Italic. Ginny Hogan in The Bold Italic. Get the cheese plate. Rachel told me this was not a good comparison. There were no empty seats in the house, so Rachel and I had to sit up front — OK, almost on the stage. Other daily offerings include baby back ribs, BBQ beef sliders, lasagna, mac and cheese, and brownies.

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Almost everyone in the room with us was a woman — both dancer and patron. Neither of our cheese dishes was great. Everything except the bowl of out-of-season fruit was a hit.


She and I were pumped that the smorgasbord was as robust as advertised. Also, the strips were really, really talented. Eat the chicken, but preferably not in the front row. Virginia Miller in The Bold Italic. I was impressed, since when I talk about food, I cannot focus on anything else — never mind dancing. Most attendees at a SOMA strip-club lunch buffet read: straight, male bro-grammers were more excited about the entertainment factor than the food, but even to a woman who had mixed feelings about the place, the idea of lunch and a show was exciting. Before my marathon, I had been to only one and a half the half was one I ran into drunkenly to use the bathroom, in Portland.

The lobster bisque was OK, before Ashley spilled it all over herself. More From Medium. In addition to sodas, there was a alcohol-free beer, white zin and moscato also san alcoholchips, Easy Mac and Top Ramen.

Hold your reviews until the new Penthouse menu premieres. Eating a club piece of meat with my hands as I watched a performance was a bit reminiscent of Medieval Times. This is literally the best deal in San Francisco, and I am not one to francisco down a deal. The strippers were attentive we were the only patrons and asked if we were a couple or needed anything.

This is a strong bleu.

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Matt Charnock in The Bold Italic. The sundae was better than the one at Hustler but worse than the ones at Ghirardelli. The stripper onstage closest to us saw us look at the menu and yelled over her recommendations without ever breaking form or focus from her dance. Ashely described the grilled cheese as one of the worst of her life, and my macaroni was very Velveeta-y.

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The service was great. But because I can barely make it until p. Dominoes delivery greeted us a bit after We had a choice between pepperoni mushroom and Canadian. We had asked a stripper who visited our table about the quality of the sundae. The spread was filled with picnic-y comfort foods — pasta salad, fruit salad, green salad, taquitos with salsa, beef, zucchini, cupcakes and the famous fried chicken. Stripped-Down Review :.

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I was too embarrassed to tell them I was just there for the pizza. Crises fueled by neuroses. Open in app. OK, the garnish was whole radishes, but still. She had a lot more strip-club experience than I did. Update your website, Condor! Anything for consumption in here can probably be found at a 7-Eleven.

Seriously, you can get eggs here. The buffet table even had a garnish!

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Get started. in Get started. My friend Jordan was intrigued by the free dinner and, presumably, also by the women, so he came along for the ride. We declined the lap-dance lesson and went for a sundae instead, which is telling of my life priorities.

I had met a new friend, Lily, about three days before, and when I mentioned my lunch plan, she informed me she had never been to a strip club and wanted to me. Or you can go out for real pizza down the street at Golden Boy and then return for entertainment. Hana Nobel. I Reviewed Five of Them.

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Writing fueled by late night burritos. The idea of going to a strip club was unfamiliar territory, and going to a strip club in the middle of the workday seemed even more bizarre. We were not a couple, but we did need something — a warm fudge sundae. And unlike the sad fruit at the Gold Club, the seasonal fruit was legit. Both recommendations tasted as good as they would at any bar. The food was shockingly good.

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I tried to hide in the back, but brave Rachel convinced san it was OK to sit there as long as we contributed tips. Neither Ashley nor I were craving beef, so we went an all-dairy route. I asked my friend Rachel to me for lunch. This week, I went to five strip clubs in five days, which means that I more than quadrupled my club - club life experience. Skip the hot fudge sundae — the one at the Condor is better. The bar looked a bit like a concession stand at a high school football game.

Also, your stamp gets you reentry, so you can go get tipsy elsewhere and come review in time for pizza night. Centerfolds is closing for renovations, so an in-house kitchen menu might be in the future. The last two, I was told, were popular with dancers who burn a lot francisco calories.

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So I spent the week getting food recommendations from strippers, eating a lot of chicken and carrying around w of singles. Jordan and I excitedly wondered which North Beach establishment they would order pizza from, or if they made the pizza in-house.

The wings and mozzarella sticks were recommended by a stripper who had passionate feelings about fried cheese and lamented about bad ones she had just eaten on a cruise. Lily and I were more interested in our fried food than a lap dance.

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My friend Ashley and I were whisked upstairs via a chaperoned elevator to the dining area, which had its own small stage and a Plexiglas floor through which we could see another stage downstairs. Perhaps I was getting a bit too political over free pizza in a tired-looking strip club. We ordered the mac and cheese advertised with artisan cheeses! Eva Tsai in The Bold Italic. Fully nude strip clubs like Centerfolds cannot serve booze in California. Food Travel This Just In. More from The Bold Italic Follow.

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in. About Help Legal. This is bar food. Get started Open in app. The hostess told me the menu changes every day except for their anchor — the chicken.

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