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Coronavirus containment measures, including islandwide curfews running from 10 p. The contagious nature of COVID has rewritten global social codes, with friends and family minimising interpersonal contact, preferring virtual engagement.

Jamaican dating site Fiyahstick to light flames of romance.

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Drawing on folksy Jamaican vernacular for its name, Fiyahstick. View the discussion thread. Silvera said she was emotionally drawn to naming the portal Fiyahstick.

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Photo Video. Would-be lovers — including those intimidated by taking the plunge into new relationships — have found comfort in the distance offered by virtual dating.

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The site is targeting people who are lonely and yearning to ignite that hidden flame by connecting with their match. Janet Silvera, founder of Fiyahstick dating site. The Fiyahstick. Silvera, a journalist and businesswoman, caved in to the urgings from the persistent bachelor and other acquaintances desperate for companionship who bombarded her Facebook and WhatsApp inboxes.

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