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I usually do 3 or 4 dances on a visit, and usually prefer to set it up directly with the girl, but this time I had to use the DJ ticket system because I just couldn't get their attention. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Go Go Rama has long been a mystery to me. Strip clubs U. Go Go Rama 5 reviews Add review.

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They have dollar dances that help you make a decision to go for a LD or not. now. With there rama some who are exceptionally breathtaking to some who are good enough. I would say go give it a visit. The parking lot was strip. Will report back on the VIP another time. Toggle lustnames. But from club I've heard from friends who are regulars, you're not getting anything more than some titty licking and a nice handjob.

On a scale, there are 5's and then there 8's as well. I guess for some guys, the whole strip club fantasy is enough. But as far as the chair dances go, I would consider VIP with one dancer but not the other. They'd stand and chat with the DJs, or talk with each other, or disappear into the dressing room for ages. The dances were timed for 5 lists each song, were topless right from the first second, full two way contact.

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Whereas another who came around the bar as wanting to take advantage of me back there. The only problem was with the lack of privacy. On this visit a of the chairs in the lap dance area which are bolted to the floor were broken.

Decent hands on contact and crotch grinding on a chair with 6 other dudes in a rectangular space near the DJ. So as to be expected, no handies or petting the kitty. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Among dancers my favourate's are Jenna and tiger. All this time customers are out front bored watching exceptionally lack luster stage dances and trying to get some attention. I went on a Friday night.


At the 4pm opening time, there would be guys lined up outside the door waiting to get in. The layout was described in the reviews. Since it's a full nude club, no alchohal is served here. So based on this, the best of the two NJ strip clubs I've visited. Tipping bar is a good view and where to hang on a busy night.

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But at that time, there was only the lapdance room, fully visible to anyone walking by. The dancers quality varies. Once they opened the door - these guys would literally RUN to the DJ booth to get their "ticket" for dances with her.

Go go rama

They still have a mandatory one drink charge, you still get a wristband to show you bought it, but on this visit and the last one I made the barmaid has been pretty grumpy - given she's the first person you speak to it sets the tone. The bathroom has gone from being actually nice to just OK. Still, the main area is fine and clean, and really perfectly OK to hang out in. I somehow managed to walk back to the club. The girls - as always - were absolutely stunning most of them anyway.

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Granted - I saw Misty and she was absolutely gorgeous. During my trip, the girls did not approach me for dances, but this time almost all of them came to me and asked for dances. To start with the basics, the place needs some work physically. Club type: Nude Dancers.

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The dances are extremely worth it. There were a bunch of guys who were overlooking the lap dance area. I checked the list of girls on their TV and got tokens for dances from girls. I did sample two dancers for 2 five minute dancers each. Actually I had dances with them 2 only. Just peel off a buck or a stack for every dancer.

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I believe they have even more private rooms. The bartender is also so so only. I remember about 12 years ago, when a girl named Misty worked here. When I said no to some of them, they left with a smile. The LD are what the club is famous for. I had to park on the other side of Rt It was freezing cold. The club appearance is pretty simple. This club has become my favorite one in the Central Jersey area.

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Dancers make every effort to deliver and rarely have I seen a customer dissapointed. The tie you the wrist band dat completes the entry formalities. The real change is in the service and the dancer's attitudes.

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I at one point saw a couple sitting on the floor of the lap dance area playing games on their phones. Most annoying though is that although there were plenty of dancers, all the best looking ones IMHO were basically just hanging out. And that will cost you 3 bills easy. Entertainers rarely hustle, which is one of the many good aspects of this club. Password Remember Me. Password Register. Even when I did that I was waiting Let me preface my review by a disclaimer: I am pretty jaded with strip clubs and having visited a of establishments in Southern California and Las Vegas, I have high expectations for "high mileage.

Maybe OTC is available, I honestly dont' know.

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So, I would say the chair dance is a better gauge of dancer effort and likelihood of high mileage. Since I have been to this club before, I knew the procedure to get lap dances. Do that rather than a dollar dance. I once played into it and got a just to see what the attraction wasbut after sitting at the bar for 2 hours - thankfully with a friend along, and talking - I gave up and left.

I've been to GGR a bunch of times over the last few years, and while it's still my favorite in the area the shine is wearing off a little. All in all, the club is just about okay in all regards, but exceptionally worth the buck for its dances.

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If you dont mind that, then this is an excellent club for your money! Go go Rama is must visit club in Laurence harbour New Jersey area. There was no dollar parade or dancers hustle.

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