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An opportunity for friendship. Such was the case with The Sisters Brothers club details the adventures of two murderers for hire during the California Gold Rush. Any bloodlines remain? We may also men a meeting to the classics or biographies.

What's fascinating is the range of topics they covered: from Czecho-Slovakia and nursing to theatre in the timmins ages and literature. After rehearsals outside of meetingsclub group performed its half for the other. The November 3,timmins welcome a new member to the group—and her daughter is one of our members today! We've had film nights for novel-based films and travel nights when a member shares photos of a trip to an exotic or remote location. It's a little hard to decipher, but it re, "Programme Season ," most likely the group's first full year. Yes, but the club would have been a cultural outlet, too, especially because books wouldn't men been readily available.

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The book provides fully developed characters and an excellent sense of place. How about best discussions?

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Which is why it's also LitLovers preferred method! Members divided into two groups: each group was ased a different half of a single play. We suspect it had to do with the isolation of a northern mining camp.

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Based on member suggestions, we choose books two months in advance. Though it won several prestigious awards and was praised by some members, others did not appreciate its dark humour. It's because we were the first book club in Timmins Site by BOOM. Members freely share their personal book collections and such exchanges have contributed to the success of the club.

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Finally, how would you describe your club? Members read their mystery of choice and briefly describe it and its merits. Being Canadian, we read a lot of Canadian authors. Started inthis Canadian group is 75 and still going strong! Wolf Hall was another contentious book. Any all-time favorites?

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In prior years, there were as many as Today, we have 10 members, all retired nurses and educators. The Paris Wife won sympathy from some and derision from others. Anyone top that? What a treasure trove!

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And things were quite different back then:. Some members were totally engaged with the tome and others found it so tedious they were unable to finish it. Meticulous records have been kept and passed down so we have proof of our longevity.

We all love to travel! Well, let's talk about YOUR range. They are!

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So sharing them would have been very appealing. Understandably, the passage of time means that we have lost members to illness and death, and others have moved away. What books has the current group been reading? Hilarity inevitably ensued—even if the play was a tragedy. Inwe were featured in an article in T he Globe and Maila national Canadian newspaper.

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men At each of our meetings, we have a "historical reading" from the archives to show how we've evolved. They're minutes of the meetings—all the way club to the beginning. Timmins Go. Genre: Our mystery nights are very popular. One of our members travels kms 95 miles to attend meetings whenever possible, and another recently moved even further away; fortunately, the internet allows us to maintain contact.

As mentioned ly, all members have travelled quite extensively, and several members also share an artistic bent e. Line memorization was not required, but costumes were de rigueur.

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This has proven to be a great way to be introduced to writers we may not have encountered. Our best discussions occur when members disagree about the quality of a book: no one's shy about expressing opinions.

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How do you choose your books? Theme: Sometimes we focus on books surrounding a specific topic, e. Let's talk about the notebooks.

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We believe we are one of the oldest book clubs in Canada. Throw in the long, harsh winters which we still have! Oh, one absolute final thing: why is the article "THE" of your club name in all caps? Tell us how the club began. What about members—then and now.

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Like your forbears, you read books We've had guest speakers, and poetry nights when members chose a favourite poem to read. Two months works well; it allows enough time for reading and sufficient flexibility to choose new books that catch our interest. Tell us about the photo directly above? In the course of a year, we may have one or two meetings that focus on a specific genre or theme.

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