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Name: Lucy
What is my age: I'm 20 years old

Dj has a good size booth and girls hang out there.

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Walked up the ramp, paid the 10 dollar fee, got patted down and was in. Girls were friendly. But I choose to come here on a Sunday because I figured it would not be packed. It was slow at first, then it started to pick up around 1am.

The girls put on great stage shows, but when not on stage or in the dressing room arguing they just walk up to you and start dancing. And the girls are usually all dressed well. Once the paper work was finished I told the bathroom troll I was only gonna stay and 40min.

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Kind of a hometown hole in the wall so if that's the kind of club you want then go to Lucky's! Decent floor action.

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All black customers and dancers inside and very urban I am white. I left that side of town and went where I knew there'd be a club thats been around as long as I've been a lad and will probably be around long after I'm dead Yep Mr Lucky's Old faithful. The women here when there are a lot range from a damn 3 all the way up to a I'm not lying. I did see quite a few come in with no makeup and sweats then transform after coming out of the dressing room. The building looks like a house, located at the back of a pot-hole filled lot.

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The damn bathroom I cannot get into because it's narrow and I'm in a wheelchair. However on tonight, not much happening. I left that damn club at am lol. You can find some 10's sprinkled here and there but they got some fat out of shape ugly ones to. Thorough search before entering.

No VIP room or champagne room that I know off. But once I e planned my situation she understood and didn't make me pay. No place to sit. Not like it used to be read my reviews. I was gonna stay.

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There is a room with 3 chairs seperated with curtains which is the Lap dance room. Several groups barbecuing in the lot and selling "dinners".

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Overall cool visit. The club dim, filled with cigarette smoke. Ok I know yall saying. Drove the 1 hour back u.

Crush gentlemen club in columbia, sc

I couldnt help but keep thinking I should have been at Bliss. Turns out I had my dates off. It was still happy hour. I get a rub here a rub there, pay too much for a beer that was in the bottle but for some reason, didnt taste right.

The Female Restroom is inside the Dressing Room. I brought her a drink.

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He started laughing when I finally came out to go home So this first woman came in normal cloths and came past me and brushed my chest and said hi. The club is located off of Broad River, which isn't really the best side of town. A lot of mirrors which helps make Mr. Lucky's seem bigger. Ok, so I've been to Mr. Lucky's in Columbia probably 30 times more than I've should. So I had to crush and go to my van to use the bathroom and get cleaned up. Wtf, your a Obsess mother fucker, but club me if any of columbia ever meet me. He told me I was gentleman of shit and he knows once the real talent came on the floor.

The dancers don't rush you.

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Truthfully, I was looking for Bliss. The inside is relatively small, about 7 tables, the bar, a small main stage, and an even smaller stage in the corner. Rode up and down Two Notch Rd, couldnt find it, got paranoid as I kept seeing the same two or three cops who were beginning to notice me. It's a good thing I travel with a medical kit.

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Had a few dancers out. Fun to be had with the right Ho. Security was all over the place and those guys make me look small. Parking lot was crowded, had to park in a pothole. Tiny, poorly lit "stage" in the corner. Two sat on my lap and talked for a while. So I decided to try my luckys on the same night I tried PP and they wanted to pick my ass up some damn steps. I didn't know if Arrived Sat night just before midnight. So I guess I will never know what PP is like.

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He told me I was full of bull shit and he knows once the real whores came on the floor. Your going to ask how much I put down in the Asian Buffet. Had to take a monster shit so i rushed into the men's room. The girls all range in sizes, shapes, and shades, but this is a black club.

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Lots of smoking going on by dancers and customers. I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called—his holy people who are his rich and glorious inheritance.

The semi -attractive to below average chicks do more anyway. Many don't like this place but i do.

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So I think drinks were 3 dollars. Maybe this is a thing in South Carolina, but it was odd to me. I hate pretty dancers, They give wack ass dances.

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I told the bouncer I was only gonna stay and hour. I got there around pm. This specific trip was a Friday night around No place to sit, which was a bummer for me.

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Just felt like I was missing something. It wasn't at first but it go packed later on. I saw a dancer maybe 90 lbs, and saw another that was around However there are quite a few beauties here! The girl tried to make me pay for coming back in because they don't allow u to come in and out without paying. Felt a little better though because I truly came to Metro to find Bliss because I heard porn star Kakey was there. Now this place is raggady as hell.

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