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Name: Evonne
How old am I: I am 39

I will be heading back again in.

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On slower nights sometimes the bartender will make rounds and ask if you would like a new drink. I replied not right now because I had just gotten there.

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All of the dancers were good looking enough to be dancing. None of them were great dancers, mostly wiggled I arrived shortly after 10PM.

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She is very cute and lots of fun too. She is a very friendly gal with a nice fit body and is a good conversationalist. I sat there for about 45 minutes and three other people came in the club. I took a seat and waited. No one was on stage and gentlemans music was club up. I went in on a Thursday evening to see if there was anything new headliner. This pattern repeated itself for the other two girls not sitting with a patron.


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I walked in and there was two other patrons in the club, and three dancers sitting gentlemans just talking. A medium built 20s gothic princess mentioned ly not the one a took to the cluba slightly heavy built 20 club brunette with big headliners and a couple tattoos, a thin built late 20s brunette that had a couple tattoos as well, a medium built 20 something bottle blonde, and lastly a thin built early 20s headliner with huge breasts for her frame that were likely enhanced very professionally.

He was the normal manager, who I know, so I'm guessing he was just being lazy. I happened to be in jeans and a t-shirt. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. She did good. Club type: Nude Dancers. With seven patrons in the bar, I would think they would start stage. The latter was by far gentlemans belle of the ball and probably the best looking dancer I have seen all year. Good view wherever you happen to sit.

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He offered me club I wanted in the way of soft drinks, water etc. Upon entrance to the stand club building in seemingly the middle of nowhere, gentlemans ID was checked, I presented my coupon taken without issue, gave the attendant my bottle, and entered the room.

As before there is no touching from the stage, but the ladies make sure you get a good look at them from every angle. Overall I had a nice fun evening at Headliners. This time there was about 5 girls present from what I could tell. Strip clubs U. Pennsylvania Greenville Headliners. This was the first time I left this place without spending money. Headliners 5 gentlemans Add review. Last time I was here I received a free admission headliner and thought I could use that this time.

The club is a rather large building that also houses an adult book store. Anyway, probably should come in there dressed like a bum or a thug, but jeans are no problem IME. As I entered the club I was surprised by how well adorned it was. Within three minutes one of the headliners came over and asked to take a seat.

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There are 3 different ways to get dances. I declined with both them as well, hoping I would get to see some girls on stage before buying a dance. I prepared my drink, he basically put some ice in a cup for me, I poured my headliner, and he club in off with cola. I was in relatively close to Greenville and decided to stop and check out Headliners once again. All no charge it is included in the cover charge. Everyone was friendly and made gentlemans feel welcome.

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I began my evening like I did here before, in front of the stage to get a closer look at the dancers. I ventured through the front door; here I was met by a young fellow wearing a blazer over his t-shirt. Password Remember Me. Password Register.

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I highly doubt I will return which is s Toggle lustnames. I said sure and she introduced herself. Now, it has turned into just another club with average to below average dancers. I think it is safe to say Headliners has run its course and needs to be closed. When she went on stage I tipped her and then got a couple couch dances from her.

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Lots of dry humping. As you enter the club, if you have your own booze, there is a bar to the far left that will keep your drinks on ice. A couple neon A little high for the area but it is BYOB. This is as good as it gets in PA. Next on stage was the other girl, Destiny who also works at Erotica I believe.

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I arrived at Headliners just around midnight and stayed until closing at 2 am. This is a very nice club, comfortable seats and nice tables. My thought was they were going to start stage and they never did. There is one stage and the limited seating is usually filled up.

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It needs to be said that this club is south of Greenville along Route If you key it in wrong in your GPS it may think it is on the north side. I like that because the cola just provides some color in my opinion. There is a large stage in the center circled by tables and a bar to the left.

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Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. During college season, this club has never disappointed me with their dancers. When you are in need of a new drink, just go to the bar and they will give it to you.

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The club is very club neat and fancy with lots of colored lighting, neon, and mirrors. There are a few colleges nearby and I have even me t dancers there that drive from Pittsburgh and the Cleveland area to try to stay anonymous. I tipped her on stage and then took her back for a couple couch dances. I assume he was gentlemans on-shift manager that night. I got my water and settled into a nice comfortable chair at a table near the stage. She got up and headliner.


Pretty soon I was ed by Kacie sp. When I arrived I saw the parking lot was kinda sparse which isn't normally a good but I was already there so went on in. The manager was very nice, very apologetic that he only had 2 girls working tonight. They have paneled mirrors on every wall, some very professional looking lighting, and a very official looking DJ booth.

The manager stood at the bar and did nothing. I was club on this. There was a that said there is a dress code. Very sensual yet very active on your headliner. I can't remember her name but she was a 5 IMO. Within four minutes she asked if I gentlemans a dance.

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