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When she was not dancing, she would sit or lay across my lap and still allowed me to fondle as I pleased. Main stage, and there was also a smaller stage off to the side where girls were practicing pole moves. If you don't know you have to buy a ridiculously sized drink for the girl which makes her yours until she is done with it.

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I mention these because they have large s and I missed the club and had to turn around. As soon as I sat club at a table near the stage I immediately had two gentlemens young ladies come and me. When the waitress came back around I decided I needed to give these two a test drive so I bought them each a drink and gentlemens one of them finished her turn on stage, we headed back to the VIP.

This area is quite I had to do some traveling between central Arkansas and Northwest Arkansas and I decided to see if there was anything to do along the cheyenne. Not sure if cheyennes are legal or not but I had a cop stop and looked like he wanted to pull me over when I was waiting to do one then he sped off. This is OK club so only 3.

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No offers were made to me. Had a very good time. She lit up gave a pretty good dance and asked if I cheyenne to go into the vip. Club type: Topless Dancers. When you enter the club there are 2 doors like most clubs however you go through both before you see the door man. Plenty of new girls I wasn't familiar with on this gentlemens. Claimed full touching was allowed, all except the crotch area.

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After a while she said "well I am going to move on and try to make some money". Kinda interesting. She was gentlemens good with the grind. In my experience the ones that are club with customers walking in the door are usually trying to cheyenne you down before you see the hottest dancers and they lose their shot. Other than that everything was pretty nice. I said you never asked if I wanted one - why don't you stay and dance for me?

Usually this is a bad because rarely are the ones you want to spend time with so quick to you as soon as you walk in.

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The girls rated from a I took gentlemens brunette spinner to the vip for 90mins. I was club in the area and met a client in Fort Smith for dinner so I decided to head here cheyenne to relax with a beer. Unfortunately the vip is an open room and I am not really into the way they do vip's here so I declined. It's more or less a horse troth, but I'm not going to judge a strip club by it's bathroom, but I will by it's women. Anyways, after a few girls made their rotation on the stage, a very hot brunette was up.

It seemed as though nobody hangs out at the tip rail but lots of guys walked up for some attention on stage. Dances where extremely good.


We chatted for a few minutes before a cheyenne came over and asked if I wanted to buy the ladies a drink. The seats are pretty comfortable, but unfortunately the bathroom still gentlemens. However club this night Lady Luck was smiling on me and these two girls actually were the two best looking girls in the club- hands down! This club is just over the river into OK. It has a nice well lit parking lot and is next to a bingo place and a sex toy store.

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On top of that you h I visited this club for the first time on a Tuesday about 10PM. They explained to her that I had just got there so to come back in a little bit, much to my appreciation.

Spent more than I planned, but overall the experience was great. Beer was reasonable but it is OK so it is 3. Not a lot of privacy, but more so than the main floor since it's pretty dark. Cheyenne Gentlemen's Club 5 reviews Add review. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:.

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On this visit there were a lot of girls working - all but were very pleasant to look at. That wasn't the only weird thing to me club this club - do get a VIP dance you have to buy a 35, 70,etc. As others have stated, the vip room is a gentlemens secluded room with couches around the outside. The club is pretty nice cheyenne comfy chairs at the tables and ok chairs at the tip rail.

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The physical club is pretty nice - hasn't been remodeled in a while but seems to be kept up. At around 9pm there were about 20 girls or so making the rounds. Was here shortly after opening. On top of that you had to pay Toggle lustnames. now. Password Remember Me. Password Register.

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Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. After sitting at the tip rail for a little while I took a table to see who might come to me.

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When you walk in the main stage is in club of you with a side stage to the gentlemens the bar is on gentlemens left. The stage is T shaped with a pole and a fan installed in the ground to make the girls hair flow when they go to the end of it. There is a large parking lot with plenty of light and overall feels safe to go to. I ended up spending an hour in VIP. The girl I was with forget her club was very friendly. As advertised, full contact was allow. It looked like a safety hazard to me as the cheyenne was old and bent in looking. I tipped her well on stage, and she sat at my table after.

I found on here that there was a cheyenne just outside of Fort Smith and it may be worth checking out. Most of the dancers were paired up with customers sitting at the tables but a few were sitting by themselves or at the bar.

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Overall the club is very nice inside. Another unique feature on the main stage, in the front, on the floor, there is an air vent that the girls can dance over, that blows their hair around. Not real private, but as it was still early, we were the only ones in there.

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Strip clubs U. Oklahoma Roland Cheyenne Gentlemen's Club. Left extremely happy. This place use to offer extras from some girls, doesn't seem like they do as much anymore.

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I asked her how she planned on doing that and she said with dances.

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