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I often just park there instead of the main drag. Is there anything to do in Neuvo Progresso other than shop and get medical care?

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Action starts late afternoon. Tell him Madre Teresa referred you! Don't buy from the fat lady She is a grouch, and always jacks up the price. But go on up there and get a view of the town, and the beautiful restaurants. Best prices, excellent service, and an ading bar where you can get a free frozen margarita. Upstairs at the Galleria is the bar. Room to dance there.

Yesterday my friend turned her two for one margaritas in for more tequila, and they topped it off.

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Stopped by there tonight, Friday, for the 7 pm mass. Tell Carlos that Madre Teresa sent you!

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A more thorough cleaning is more. When you order drinks, and they are two for one, get both drinks at one time, and pay for it then. The low-lifes and poor and drunkards and hookers hang out there. Tony has the bar, and occasionally dances with the guests. In about Octoberthere was a gun fight right outside of the Arizona.

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Ask the owner about his doggies… he has little chiwawas near him all the time! Also, services Saturday, pm. A Catholic church is two blocks in, then two blocks west of the border entry. Not much water psi in the beauty parlors, so hair washing stuff not recommended.

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A great leather shop is further down the strip: Riverside Leather Shop. And, then if you need a dentist, you know if that dentist progresso border going back to. Girly bars further in town one block east of main drag Ask for where Bonanza bar is, bar across the street, n Corner Bar next door.

I have never had any problems there. Calle Sonora y Matamoros You mexico see the cross in the air from a couple blocks away. Posts on the Tripadvisor forums may be edited for a short period of time. Red curtain in the doorway. Benito JuarezZona Centro. A girlfriend tried her, as Bertha was out having her baby. It is cute, quaint, green colored. The author may repost if desired. Any parks or museums? Fourth floor of both the Arizona and Angels Restaurants at both, occasionally musicians. Tip for requested songs….

There is a dog pharmacy by Crystal Pharmacy, sometimes with cute puppies for sale there. The Galleria has extremely inexpensive pottery n statues in the back of their strip, all at much reduced prices. About two hours long. They will carry items to the border for you. He can also direct you to most anything you want in the town. I buy my drinks at the little street bar across the street. Arturo is the owner in the pharmacy, handsome as can be, and he kisses the clubs on the cheek!

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They said masses on Sunday at noon and 7 pm are popular. You can buy so many presents there for yourself and for friends! My mother purchased a new leather purse there yesterday, after searching all over town for one. Unfortunately we do not have museums but other than come to do your shopping and visiting the doctor can get to eat at any of the restaurants that are here making sure that you will get the best service as well as the best Mexican and international. Rudy owns it, and makes some of the stuff there. Many salons have masseuses.

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What hotels are best? Great food and service there. They all know me. Kiddee-corner from the church is a plaza, a park, where kids play, people sit, and one can relax or enjoy a to-go lunch. This post has been removed at the author's request. Sergio is probably the most handsome man in town!

Great prices, tremendous selection. Then walking down the street, and across the street is Ground Zero. People escaped into the stores.

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I heard a lady got a drugged drink at Red Panty Bar, woke up in Edinburg, her car impounded, with no memory of anything. Calle Reynosa Next stop is just two spots south, Rancho Grande, a bar where Carlos plays. I just learned yesterday that some children mariarchi performers are at The Canada Store, upstairs, in the afternoon on Thursdays.

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Otherwise, the bartenders tend to rip you off. Santiago manages the bar, and it may be the longest single bar in the area! Some people go to Galleria, second floor, for more dancing. They also have a super assortment of candies and snacks, booze, jewelry, some clothing, t-shirts, glassware, perfumes, nick nacks, and whatchamacallits. Just before Riverside Leather is a big store that has blankets hanging outside it. One lady saw one person shot. Have her play them first to show that they work before you buy them.

Carlos Jr. Following that, back to the main drag to El Disco, where Carlos Senior plays!

South texas’ hidalgo county: winter texans, citrus, micheladas, corruption and a chance to buy an international border bridge

Good prices, fun people sitting there. She is very artistic, and did the beautiful drawings in their work rooms. The bar also has nachos and tacos, and snacks and pottery for sell there. Sit on saddles at the bar, or at tables. There is a young lady that has a curb booth that sells videos there. Go for the slender guy for service. There is a Baptist church a few blocks south of the Catholic church.

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Out of about 10 dentists I have interacted with there, I finally found one I will return to: Dr. During this time, Winter Texan peak time Dec. They go from one cantina to the next, to the next. He told me, last visit, some ladies did see him from my referral. Also, one can get their car washed in NP, and they do a real good job. It has many other items for sell in the store. I quit going there, as the waiters rip people off, it stinks in there, and the bathrooms are disgusting. She injects with lidocaine first, then burns them off.

I have about 5 at my house right now.

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I bring my own music, and dance the cumbias with myself and many others there. Once the edit period has expired, authors may update their posts by removing and reposting them. It is gigantic inside, has blankets, clothing, and more and more all thru it.

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