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When you message them they say they are Australians and are on a business trip to Dubai but once you check the photos through google they are in Russia of Africa. There is a commonality in their profile its is easy to see the pattern.

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Terrible site. I ed this site in the hope of meeting a long term partner.

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Messaged Match countless times with no reply only the automated response saying they will get back to me. No one local. It is unfortunate to say that this website has, what I believe a massive amount of fake profiles, which indicates it is full of scammers. Waiting still for next step to be sent to address. review

Probably the most fake profiles I have encountered on a 'paid' dating site. I'm a fully paid member and I can't get in to cancel my credit card payments so I will have to cancel my credit card. It is real but definitely be aware.

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The ones that stated they were from Melbourne had within their profiles American flags in the background, profiles stating seasons like fall and talking about college football. Save your money. The ones that do make contact immediately want you to go off site to WhatsApp or similar.

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Once you pay, the likes and messages dwindle down to just a handful of scammers. The three who did get back to me were all scam artists trying to lure me on to Google Hangouts. I tried to change my password because they said it was wrong. The site is mostly fake and a waste of time and money. Waste of time. The few that did contact me directly all asked for money with in 3 weeks.

ed up on the site after it was recommended as one of the top 5 dating sites to. Picks of the day, so far away. best features

It is full of fake profiles and scammers or supposedly younger women who dont meet your search requirements. Wish I hadn't ed. Match's should give every real woman on here her money back. Quite handsome men and nearly every good profile was a widower even ones who were in their 50' Full of scammers from thousands of kilometres away. All widows or widowers that still want kids! Initially I ed on a "free membership" basis - just to look around. What a joke. One of the sites had several different images of women all meant to be her, in her early twenties by the look of them, but the age specified late forties, the matches were the same, young girls with ages from 47 - 54, well it seems th This website has mostly fake unreal profiles and lots of scammers who I have met for 3 dating only been registered here!!!

I tried to get a refund for my unused portion of my advance payment but rejected. Like another contributor a constant stream of women from Sydney all either 50 or 51, all widowed, match cm. I have taken my profile off match and tried to delete my pics and profile answers descriptions etc Very annoying.

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I received 'likes' and messages from beautiful young woman with perfect pics from all over the world 10 to 30 years younger than me. I cancelled my membership within two weeks.

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I ed it weeks ago and since then I have seen one real genuine person and been inundated with fake profiles from scammers. If only I had read these reviews!! The first couple of days were great and then I was locked out for no reason.

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Don't waste your time, I contacted 80 users all advertised they were in Australia. I feel sorry for the genuine woman here, who have ed up for this site as decent guys will not stay on this site. I ed up, within minutes I had received a couple of likes and a few matches, which I couldn't see until I had paid for a membership, no monthly option as apparently you need 3 months to make the most of it, so I paid it.

I ed for six months after it was stated as the 1 site on the internet dating. Stay away from this SCAM!!!!!!! Biggest rip off imaginable. Stay away.

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Shortly after I ed I got dozens of "likes" from members who wanted to meet up with me. I live Melbourne, Australia and requested only to see people within 50 klms and most matches were from Sydney with some from overseas. I agree with Mark. Immediately get lots of likes, all from Sydney, no where near me.

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I've seen some dodgy sites in my time, but this one should be banned. All I do is report fake profiles, essentially doing the due diligence that the company does not!

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One thing I have learnt is to read the reviews beforehand, I would never have ed up. This site is an absolute shocker! No contact from anyone local. I wish I read this review before I . NONE were here. Fake profile, fake images and fake chat room. review april

This website should be shut down. I have requested a refund. I suspect these people are running a of dating sites, they should be charged with theft!! Also their Customer Service is a joke I log out and then trying to log back in and its impossible. Don't waste your money.

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I get sent "matches" each day, most do not live anywhere near me and in some instances include MEN. I was not aware a renewal was in process. Iam a genuine widower who was looking for someone over 57 but all I got were young ones and scammers from overseas. This is the worst dating site I have ever been on. Hi, everyday I got no less than 30 like all fake!! All the women are fake profiles, hardly speak English, no intention of meeting Single photo uplifted from somewhere, you would have to be stupid not to recognise they can not communicate and are trying to scam in one way or another.

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I tried to contact the site who recommended Match and guess what, the message bounced straight back. Money was debited from my bank without authorisation on my behalf. ed because it was supposedly in the top ten dating sites. The reset details there was a problem with my. In order to contact these members, I had to become a paid member of the website.

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Fake profiles, waste of money. Only get likes from interstate, the woman are very pretty, but all a scam. Please, anyone thinking of ing this site should know that most of the profiles are fake or scammers. I suggest men and women you do not waste their time on this crappy site.

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