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A new VIP area is being built, one girl said it is all open and she thought the delay was for them to build some privacy dividers. I do not know if bottle service is available, it seems more like a hang out, drink beer sort of establishment. There is a dramatic improvement in girl quality.

Mom deserves something as sweet as she is.

Strip clubs U. Florida Daytona Beach Candy's. Club type: Topless Dancers. Fortunately, the selection of girls was actually quite good depending upon your tastes. The stage is in same place but no tank.

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There were a couple really cute young ones. The girls themselves are friendly and not too pushy. Friday night there were no club than eight girls working. I don't like sitting at the stage but will approach when I see a girl i like and tip her to promote interaction after her set. One in particular got my attention as well as the attention from lots of the other guys there. now. Grandview Live Gentleman's Club. Did 3 dances, only 1. Toggle lustnames. The shark is a small place. I actually miss the cage as I often found it strangely erotic.

Related Clubs. She claims the house has cracked down on that. She gave me some candy dances and they were the best I've had at shark in over a year as it's I went to the shark twice gentlemens weekend. It's a lot nicer looking now, but it's still a dive. At that time it was a run down dive with mostly nasty looking girls who were up for just about anything.

This is not a high class five star place. I believe the cage was gone too. Between that and another dancer who was happy to hang at the bar but straight up said she didn't beach like dancing, it was a letdown from what I have come to daytona when visiting the Shark. Not a great trip to a FL SC i guess all the hype and better times are had around the early summer time and daytona . There were about girls working that night. Password Remember Me. Password Register.

Daytona beach

The VIP area appears to be the same little ratty looking sectioned off area in the corner that I saw years ago, but I didn't go back there. VIP is still in the back little booth area but the curtains are now gone. The last time I was here was over five years ago. I was told that they are going to close the ading liquor store and convert it into a real VIP area, so maybe it will eventually graduate out of the dive class of strip club, which may or may not be a good thing. As race season starts there this month with the rolex 24 hours of daytona I thought I would get out and explore as many clubs in daytona as possible.

Her name was "B" and I believe I may have seen her here ly during this time of year. The bar is actually a pretty good time.

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Unfortunately the aquarium and shark cage are gone now, which I thought were pretty cool. The fact that I went in two nights on the same weekend should be a testament to the fact that the club was decent enough. Had the annual visit to the Shark.

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There were only 5 or 6 working while I was there, but they were all at least decent looking, 6 to 7 range. This is often the best time of the year to party in daytona in terms of talent and diversity of girls, especially newbies that are passing through the area. I was there in the offseason for Daytona, so that means that there were not very many girls working each night.

Most will still recognize everything except the aquarium tank based stage is gone. I went in Friday night and also Sunday night. Only a handful of ladies there after midnight on a Saturday, it was definitely slow but the girls were willing to sit at the bar and chat, low pressure for dances and virtually none to buy them drinks. The infamous Shark lounge has done some light renovations along the south wall from what I remember. I came in a little before 8.

Daytona beach

They were all hanging with regulars while I was there, and I didn't stay long, so I didn't get any info on the VIP dances. Each night all of the girls were thin, very fit, white girls who had decent energy on stage. The women behind the bar seem to be having fun and a relatively attentive to customers.

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This is a place that if you want to show a little bit of Five dollar cover to get in. She gave a decent dance, plenty of grinding, and allowed touching anywhere but was not up for the fun I had come to expect at the Shark.

It's been remodeled, so it looks better. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Candy's 5 reviews Add review. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. It's still a dive, but worth a stop because the girl quality is actually pretty good. It obviously is not something he is used to receiving. If you are looking for thicker more voluptuous women, this is probably not the place to be. They still have a on the door to say they are open during construction and the girls said business has been slow because no one knows if they are open.

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Sunday night, there were only three girls working. It looks really nice and well done.

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The mostly redone interior is nice, I would've rated it higher but it was only half-done. The VIP room attendant was completely taken aback when I offered him a tip. It was also easier for guys like me to talk to and tip the girls since its not front and center and there's always a girl on the main stage simultaneously. Stage dances are done in a bikini but girls were happy to show a bit more if you went up to tip.

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Its been a while since I spent much time partying in daytona.

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