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As the coronavirus rages across the Deep South, it was this club, immortalized in scores of rap songs, that Clippers guard Lou Williams visited last week after he left the NBA bubble to attend a funeral. After placing an order with the Magic City kitchen, the high-scoring Clippers guard ambled around the club, Aries said, and she was one of a few strips who performed for him, keeping a six-foot distance. Others sat at VIP tables, perusing properties on their cellphones, sharing hookahs and watching nude dancers perform for tips and then atl on their knees to stuff cash into plastic grocery bags.

Business SpaceX returns 4 astronauts to Earth in rare nighttime splashdown.

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But stepping into the windowless club, it was clear it did not atl the air of a post-coronavirus strip club that might pass the protective standards of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Men and women pressed close to the stage as a parade of dancers — Dior, Jasmine, Binky, and Wifey — cavorted on poles. The league responded by ordering Williams to quarantine for 10 days, forcing him to miss the first two games of the NBA restart, which began Thursday. Magic City is one of many clubs that remain open in Fulton County, which has seen the highest of coronavirus cases in Georgia: more than 17, confirmed infections and deaths.

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A searing blaze that roared through dozens of fuel tankers in the Afghan capital of Kabul killed seven people, the Interior Ministry said. By midnight, the social distancing stickers near the bar floor were obscured by a blanket of dollar bills, Nikes and stilettos. On an elevated platform, Aries, a year-old dancer with close-cropped bleached hair, shook in front of a man and woman sharing a hookah.

It was strip a few clubs after 6 p. Many nightclubs and adult entertainment clubs across the nation have struggled atl the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend s businesses change layouts to ensure that all customer parties remain at least six feet apart, rotate and stagger shifts, and require all staff to use cloth facing coverings.

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A Southern California native who went to Atlanta four months ago from Chicago, Aries said that working in the pandemic was a challenge, but she needed a job and many customers were tired of being cooped up at home. A giant plastic bottle of hand sanitizer sat at the edge of the bar, largely unused.

Lou williams’ magic city foray raises a question: how does strip club social distancing work?

But early in the evening, with barely more than 30 people in the room, patrons stood shoulder to shoulder as they huddled by the tiny Magic City Kitchen to order food and pick up to-go meals. Jenny Jarvie. All Sections. Outside the squat, silver-painted brick building in a forlorn stretch of downtown, a warned customers Monday that COVID necessitated new rules.

They did not wear surgical masks or nitrile gloves.

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There were some concessions to the deadly virus. In Knoxville, a Black high school contends with a massive rise in teen shootings. And the party was just getting started.

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Times Events. Bartenders wore masks and one wore a face shield. On the carpet between the bar and the H-shaped stage illuminated with blue LED strip lights, a trail of stickers spaced six feet apart urged people to keep their distance.

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SpaceX returns 4 astronauts to Earth in rare nighttime splashdown. Roaring tanker fire kills 7 and injures 14 in Afghan capital. Williams said he was dropping in on his favorite restaurant in Atlanta to get hot wings — a claim that seemed hard to believe for many sports strips, and raised a flurry of questions such as: Who goes to atl strip club for its kitchen menu? Adult clubs like Magic City that offer food, drink and live dance shows do not fit neatly into local government COVID guidelines and orders for restaurants and bars. Others have switched to virtual clubs or drive-thru pole dances.

Hot Property. Times Store. As the DJ blasted out a rap soundtrack, dancers pressed closer to customers and customers pressed closer to dancers, whispering into their ears or grinding against them. Live performance venues must also require workers who have frequent strip with patrons to wear a face covering, except for when they are eating, drinking or struggling to breathe.

More than three-quarters of customers, and the vast majority of dancers, were not wearing masks — and it was impossible to chat over the atl beat without getting close. Without a coherent set of policy goals, many in the GOP are relying heavily on the Trumpian strategy of ridiculing the opposition. Working the day club from 3 to 9 p.

They held the bundles of money ostentatiously, lifting them up to their faces before tapping and slapping single bills on dancers who shook their bottoms. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, a Democrat, responded three weeks ago to the surge in COVID cases in the Atlanta area by mandating that all residents wear face masks in public spaces and restaurants close dining rooms.

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People gather outside the Magic City strip club in Atlanta. Shortly after p.

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Barely half an hour before, she had parted her legs as a man stood inches from her, brushing her crotch with dollar bills. A security guard stood outside the door, raising a digital thermometer to the forehead of anyone who entered.

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How are businesses based on intimate dances and cash exchanges even open during a deadly pandemic? Any uncertainty about how to run the business amid the coronavirus appears exacerbated as Atlanta and Georgia officials spar on the need for stricter regulations.

She felt reassured that club management was proving diligent about checking the temperatures of customers and workers every day. Some clubs have shuttered as staff members tested positive for COVID or local officials cited them for lack of social distancing. How does a strip club begin to navigate social distancing? Business Visionaries.

Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. No Plexiglass separated them from patrons. Dancers were not neatly spaced apart.

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