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Feeling defeated, Fecteau decided to let Consolidated Communications — the company that owns the utility pole — deal with it. And it caused more trouble than even its mastermind could have hoped for, although Fecteau took the joke with good grace.

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Even with the now facing the empty property, Fecteau was still determined to get it down. Boston Globe video. Out of loyalty, Fecteau declined to say anything about the friend. It was an ambitious prank, both in terms of money and effort. This time, Fecteau knew he needed to bring out the big guns.

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to a Friend. After it appeared, Fecteau tried repeatedly to get the hampshire advertisement down from its hilly perch, with zero success. On Tuesday, he tried using a foot-long piece of equipment typically used for moving wires off tree limbs, an apparatus leftover from his days in the communications industry. He said he believes a longtime friend put the there as a gag. Steve Annear can be reached at steve. In new end, he had to have AAA come and tow his club from the gully, he said. A advertising a gentlemen's club suddenly appeared next to seven acres of undeveloped land in epping, New Hampshire.

It's unclear who put it up. Someone put up a for a fake strip club next to this N. And on Friday, the strip deepened. On Sunday night, someone fastened the large to a utility pole that abuts seven acres of land.

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The company was already planning to remove the pole sometime in the coming weeks and transfer the wires to a new pole, he said. But the mystery deepened Friday after Fecteau drove by his property. He returned to the scene that same day with his bucket truck, and pulled as close as he could to the ditch between the road and the pole.

Michael Fecteau.

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When Fecteau asked the person who he suspected was behind it, they laughed but offered no confession, he said. Not long after the sun came up Monday, Fecteau started getting calls from police and town officials about the advertisement.

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And if he did, the town would have surely known about it. View Comments. Still, no luck, to put it kindly. Once the air cleared and Fecteau put the minds of residents and elected officials at ease, he turned his attention to taking the down and putting the prank behind him.

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The stayed put, almost mocking him. Fecteau said he was relieved the saga was finally over.

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Then, on Wednesday, he noticed the was flipped around again, facing the street. Follow him on Twitter steveannear.

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It was as strange as when the first appeared. There was also chatter on a local Facebookaccording to the New Hampshire Union Leaderwhich first reported on the mysterious purple-and-white. That proved easier said than done.

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