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Name: Clarinda
Years old: 45

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DB: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we've had any adult star you could name of come to our club and perform. Is it something that I'm going to stop going to a strip club because I don't get anymore? Darius Belcher is the owner of the Red Parrot.

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I feel like I've just been dancing so long. Now, before, we'd have 40, 50 girls here, 60 sometimes. About 60 hours a week.

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Josh talked to me from his bluetooth heet, while he was behind the wheel of his semi, somewhere outside of Albuquerque. And sometimes the guys just want to feel your skin, you know?

“i would never want to take away the option of sex work from someone, but i would want to create more options so that everyone can make the decision of whether they want to or not, and so that they can do it safely.” -emily symons

I'm alone 60 hours a week with bare minimum human contact. Where before the pandemic, we would average maybemaybe Same thing with entertainers. The main thing that I've noticed is that it's a little tamer. My outfit's a two-piece. I'm a social butterfly.

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So like, I would, I would like bounce around all night. So we might not have as many dollar bills flying around, but we have a lot of credit cards flying around. But like, I've done copper wire back, I do The route Josh drives most often is between Los Angeles and Dallas, a or-so-hour trip, mostly down I It takes him right through El Paso, where he usually takes exit 37 off the highway and parks at the truck stop next to the Red Parrot.

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Now, we only have, the most we've had is Until this week, Darius was only allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity, but he says they were rarely that busy. They closed last spring, then reopened, then had to close two more times. I got big bags of stuff in the back of my trailer. I called up Jessica Barrera at home in El Paso, Texas, where she lives with her husband and young son.

JB: No, besides the one on my head and my eyebrows. I know the bouncers, I know the bartenders, I know the girls.

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Now, the state of Texas is lifting state-wide restrictions on businesses and the state-wide mask mandate too. He spends a lot of time on the road. And then I just basically get to work and I have to change into my outfit. Our clientele is more or less a little bit of the older crowd.

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Like when you move off the stage, in a pre-COVID world where you were able to touch, where there were lap dances, like, was it up to you to sort of make those sales? AS: I want you to understand a little bit about just how the - what is communicated with words and what is communicated in an unspoken way when it comes to the money transactions? I don't go, you know, for sexual gratification.

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JB: Yes, but at the same time, there's kind of, there's already a set price. More than 2, people there have died. Big-time dollar bills flying. J: I go for the company.

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Like most strippers, Jessica—who goes by Violet at the club—works as an independent contractor. The interaction's not there. DB: Probably 25 maybe 30 at the most. Right now my favorite song to dance to is Red Light Green Light. That's all day long.

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Like Josh, a year-old commercial truck driver. I'm not entirely sure. Or be able to put it in your bra or you - you know, do that little move where you pull out your G-string and you look at them and they're like, "Oh my God," but you don't get that anymore. Is it something that I miss?

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JB: We have these buckets at the end of the stage where if they want to tip you they can either put it physically on the stage, or they can put it in the bucket. Not necessarily like that it was wild before, but instead of having a group of friends hanging out at a table, it's maybe one or two people. As you might imagine And sometimes it's nothing that I'm doing wrong or anybody's doing wrong, just there's nobody at the club.

J: I think I'm delivering asphalt right now. I get that attention by my song choices. When I say green light, I want you to go.

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Black Pleaser eight-inch heels. The Red Parrot, like all other non-essential businesses in El Paso, was shut down for several months last year. JB: So cute, right? And in fact, I actually have a problem talking to strangers in the sense that I talk to strangers all the time. Are you making eyes in a different way since that's what's visible? I mean, yes, that is a nice part of being at a strip club. I'm always, the thing is I always make sure to just catch the attention, like, boom, and then hold for just a quick second and then let it go, you know?

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Like, [ffoff]. Last fall, El Paso County was topping 1, new cases per day. Everyone who comes to the club has to get their temperature taken, wear a mask, and stay spaced apart. Customers, like Josh, are used to it. COVID is keeping away a lot of customers. And no matter what you're doing, you're going to turn and look at me.

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AS: If that way of interacting with the people watching you is not the same. Black fishnet stockings. Because, I go for the human interaction, mostly. Like it's - I'm not going to lie, I'm a guy, but it's not the main reason why I go. So you can't really make money, there's no one to get money from.

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But, she told me, her job looks very different today than it did before. And your lifestyle is great. I kind of just already know like how to get that attention.

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I've never had a problem talking to strangers. And the reality is these guys are just as broken as us, you know?

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AS: Yeah, that sounds like it must have a really different vibe inside. Like there's people talking and connecting, but not in the same like raucous, everybody's on a night out together kind of way. DB: We were known, or we are known still, for bringing in the adult stars. So, my hair I kind of just let it do its own thing because when I'm on stage, I do like these little like hair flicks.

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