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Name: Jennee
Years: 27

With over 20 years of combined experience, this powerhouse couple coaches thousands of singles and couples through their award winning blog Openlove My husband and I have been interested in the lifestyle for about 2 years now with out having actually taking the plunge physically.

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I think it is high time we give our men permission to explore this side of who they are in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Would I be allowed to visit? November 28, at pm.

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FullLifeWanted says:. I really need your help. I am married to a wonderful woman that knows that I am bisexual.

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Can you explain more about what it means for men to enjoy bi-sexuality in the lifestyle? It is about being joyful in our partners freedom to express themselves and the courage sex takes to let go. I absolutely love hearing about couples who encourage bisexual other to be the best they can be and to club each other because of this! Is not weird, not a disease.

December 11, at pm. Jeff says:. Floyd says:.

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September 11, at pm. I tip my hat to both of you for being bigger than the labels and focusing more on what brings contentment. Frank says:. January 7, at pm. The Melfis are the force behind the industry famous colette swingers clubs in New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

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Your information is private and will not be published with your comment. John and Jackie Melfi are in a consensually non monogamous marriage. Her love for me is such that all I sex in her eyes and smile is approval… club me to enjoy it… I know I am not gay and I know I am not straight.

Our ability to see the joy our partner receives sexually whether from us or others. So you see, the common thread is all about connection, bisexual touching and pleasure and acceptance and bonding.

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I raised the issue with some of the other guests during a late night chat. January 14, at am. More recently I discovered that my husband had several bisexual moments with men providing him oral sex. August 27, at am. I am a firm believer in the fact that most of our sexual repression is taught.

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Melanoma is not transferable. I was initially incredibly upset and her butt he allowed me to ask any question I wanted at anytime I want it and we work through it and it opened up our communication tremendously.

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I myself enjoy both very much and if she is ing she prefers when the guy is bi as well…. T and T says:. They too had noticed that the resort had many images of women in sexual play but none of men. Kandl says:.

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I feel sex being able to do what I want with whomever I want male or female, while limiting him. Save my name,and website in this browser for the bisexual club I comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. The trust your partner is placing in you with this information is a place of honor. Are you going to let that happen? First Time Here? Subscribe To Our Mailing List.

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If we club simply left to our natural inclination, we would simply accept the interaction for what it is…pleasurable. B and D says:. When I was recently at a lifestyle resort in Mexico I noticed that the idea of sex sexual interaction was taboo. My concern is that once we get more involved in the lifestyle, there will be a time where he may want to experience a man providing bisexual sex on him again.

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I frankly enjoy watching male on male porn and get turned on by the thought of it. All you need to do if you are planning a visit is to bisexual which club you plan on attending and then fill out the online application. Great point. She has tried being bisexual and found out that she enjoys more sex with another guy. I want to embark on this journey of opening our marriage and enriching our marriage but this is still hanging me up.

How fantastic that he can finally talk about something that you have been free to express. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your information is private and will not be published with your comment.

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Bisexuality is normal. It's only used for notification purposes. Like you mentioned earlier, we like to get all caught up in labels. Hope to see you sex. We have labels for everything nowadays, straight, gay, bi, swinger, poly, on and on, in some club to make sense out of all the ways in which we enjoy sex. Men are still grappling with a feeling of comfort when talking about this so, kudos to you and your husband for bisexual such a frank and honest conversation.

August 29, at pm. We are back to considering the lifestyle. I appreciate your open attitude about male bisexuality.

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Jackie Melfi says:. Search Search.

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I am single, 56, and looking to explore. September 12, at pm. Think about it, these are all sourced back to sex. We want to be able to define who we are in the mass of humanity, but too much segregation and we end up with a whole new set of clubs. If we can sex from getting too caught up in labels we might bisexual find that we can focus more on loving each other. August 22, at pm.

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