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Again, not too shabby. I got a beer and had a seat were the stage was and the stage was nice looking but no dancers!? I recently pulled in the parking lot and noticed a couple young guys that obviously had a little money leaving. now. She was very nice and got real cool with me and wanted me to comeback. Or frankly, for people looking for a good time.

Check it out. I never saw a customer leave without a smile. If you're looking for a cheap feel or extras, I would direct you to the Best Little Whorehouse in H-town. The club itself isn't posh like Men's Club or St James, but is very nice compared to similar clubs. Nothing too shabby but not that special either.

There were I believe 3 stages but only 1 was "in use.

Landing strip of houston

The DJ wasn't playing bad music, and I don't really dig strip t music too much, and it wasn't blaring at a drum shattering volume either. Bought her drinks while she chatted up and we watched the dancers up on stage. The ATM was kind of a hassle, took around 5 minutes of me awkwardly strip there waiting for my money but that was really my only complaint. Within just a couple minutes of sitting there I was approached by at least 3 girls who houston for dances, I politely declined, now on to the girls There were about 5 girls working, I can't be sure exactly how many because they kept disappearing b Landing just got off work one night and i seen that sinfully young every time on my way home and had never been.

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Related Clubs. The girls I worked with weren't what most expect to see in a titty bar not the stereotypical blonde bimbos and definitely not dogs - they were real, natural beauties.

They have no security, and break-ins are landing. I stopped and asked them, "what's it strip in there? I decided after 5 minutes after my five dollar beer i was going to jet,but then the DJ started to strip and say alright we have a new dancer houston her name was daisy,then the tables turned my eyes were stuck on such a sexy looking latina girl who had nice tits with an amazing ass.

BUT, Its definitely not for people with high standards. The beer selection was awful, like 4 types of Budweiser, Shiner Bock in the bottle to the rescue, the only decent landing she mentioned. A dancer named China came up and was hanging out with me for around an hour. About 5 seconds after my ass hit the chair I was greeted by a waitress who asked what I wanted to drink. That's 4 beers! Good lighting for the stage, soft lighting in the seating areas, and low lighting in the dance areas for a little extra privacy, even if it's just a couch dance. The DJ was still making big elaborate houston for each girl and playing 80's and 90's rap music.

The landing strip houston

Variety of dancers was not bad at all, the atmosphere wasn't as shady as I thought it was going to be, considering where it's located and how sketch the place looks and I didn't feel like an awkward creeper. As another poster mentioned, no drugs. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. I paid cash instead.

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Other reviews talk about sanchos and BFs, but that isn't accurate. She was very into it, to say the very least.

Decided to hit this place up after it's 6th or 7th reopening and I went in with low expectations. They've got a real problem with cops shaking people down in the parking lot. The Landing Strip 5 reviews Add review. I used to work here and I love the place! Once inside I was immediately disappointed. Password Remember Me. Password Register.

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It's located right off the highway and close to a lot of hotels and the airport. The place is relativly clean, especially by strip club standards, and prostitution is pratically nonexistent.

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I've worked in this club now Sinfully Youngand I am friends with many of the employees there at least before they read this. My hotel was right down the block from this place so I decided to check it out.

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I have never known girls at SY to participate in illegal activity on the job. There were around maybe of them on shift.

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One thing I noticed while I was working Any pretty girl working there never stays long, because the clientel is houston bunch of broke bastards. There is a parking lot behind the club, it only had a few cars in it so parking was easy. Decently sized, landing of hole in the wall but not a dive.

I wasn't too interested in the girl on stage so I decided to sit at a strip and order a drink. Toggle lustnames. Club type: Pastie. However, I left pleasantly surprised. If you pay for VIP, you will be happy with the experience! Strip clubs U. Texas Houston The Landing Strip.

The landing strip

Like I said, sad. Its really for the sad, "addicted to strip club crowd" that probably shouldn't be spending money in a strip club because they're broke this may be you, sorry. I gave "monetary value" a 9 because drinks are fairly priced for Houston and dancers are not super pushy about making a sale, so you don't leave broke after a crappy night.

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