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Or are there others, such as elderly mothers or unsympathetic passport police, in the relationship who need your money or help? Still, the male pursuit of wealth through golddiggers provokes unease, because it belies the stereotype of masculine independence, she says, describing the con artists as weak, incapable of website it alone. Money has an aphrodisiac effect on men, according to dating site Are You Interested. Meanwhile, touting self-ascribed expertise, he dating over her business and may even embezzle funds.

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Do you have website that he is totally on your side and making tangible commitments to your well-being? The typical moocher lacks education, but projects golddiggers street-smart, worldly image and persuades his thriving, fragile prey, who craves direction, of his loyalty.

Either way, as the dating site figures suggest, some bachelors are shamelessly materialistic and, with ever more women becoming breadwinners, according to the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, the trend looks set to strengthen.

Love not lucre: avoid the gold-diggers

Also consider five more questions: Is his life an open book or are there unexplained gaps? If criminal conduct has occurred, the police must be told, Tuckwell says, even if the woman treated like a doormat feels impeded by shame and embarrassment, especially if family and friends have been warning that she has a problem.

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Male gold-digger hangouts touted online range from auction houses to yacht clubs and casinos. By David Wilson Updated May 30, — 1.

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For more insight, citing relationships researcher John Gottman, Tuckwell suggests testing consistency. The Sydney Morning Herald. Love not lucre: avoid the gold-diggers. Despite the language his website uses, Turton opposes greed-driven romantic predation, irrespective of age gap or gender, and he pans the perception that young men chase older women for cash.

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Credit: Thinkstock. Players leverage the longing and loneliness of marks who can provide the high life, but feel insecure, particularly about age or looks, says therapist Susie Tuckwell, a specialist in relationship strife. Ask: Does he lie, to anyone, for any reason? Does he demonstrate values and behaviour consistent with yours, or laugh off lapses?

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Trap for the unwary: Boycott superficial types with expensive tastes, says dating coach Samantha Jayne. In his experience, the motive is the positive attributes that track maturity. In fact, he was seeing a woman his own age, whom he truly loved.

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Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later. Particular giveaways, which Tuckwell lists, include requests for money for any reason, including visas, business ventures or the high life. When denial finally crumbles, the fleeced victim feels shame, anger, grief and even fear, if her lover is threatening or she has been badly financially burnt and fears for the future.

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Please try again later. The assumption that bachelors who woo well-off, older women are creeps could be harsh, and partly a product of ageism-laced disquiet about role reversal.

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Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. Sometimes, suspicions must prove unfounded.

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For women, the secret of avoiding exploitation is to boycott strangely superficial types with expensive tastes, who live on a beer budget and are evasive and vague, Jayne says. Finance adviser Jay Malik is equally critical of such acquisitive bachelors.

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The worst cheat dating coach Samantha Jayne has seen was 10 years younger than his partner. Often, too, dupes feel thwarted. Still, Jayne says, couples should be together for an old-fashioned motive: love, not lucre. If you thought gold-digging was an exclusively female pursuit, think again.

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Some suitors may be misunderstood.

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