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Name: Silvie
Years: 29

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Besides the bartender making some small talk, nobody approached me. Although these days a lot of girls expect two dollars. I chatted one of them up, who looked fuckable. We had barely started our time together.

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Driveway is quite narrow, but looks like it would be lit well. Bartender was friendly and drinks, beer and Jack on the rocks, priced well. Horse shoe shaped bar facing the stage.

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Well, you can forget about that here; the small parking lot offers zero privacy. The second was Bella - a sweet young lady who gained some weight since last I saw her at Club Atlantis. During my visit only a few girls were around. But she declined uncovered services so I passed.

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On the 3rd song she finished me off with an enthusiastic Harry and then some Russian between her huge naturals. The so-called "dance" lasted less than 60 seconds and then she wanted to know if I would do "another" one. I was wearing a shirt and tie, which was definitely different than the other customers there, so perhaps that kept the girls away. I chatted her up after her dance briefly.

Ballpark tavern - levittown, pennsylvania strip club

I have never been treated that way in all the times I've done couch dances at clubs. This place used to best place around to score BBFS, but recently has seemed to have deteriorated in quantity an quality of girls that put it out.

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Uncomfortable seats at the bar, enough second hand smoke for a lifetime of COPD, etc. In all fairness, it was quite early in the afternoon and its likely some had not arived on their shift yet.

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The place is small. Overall, my first visit was uneventful. I told her that I would be going back with Bella since it had been awhile since I had seen her.

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Small gentlemens lots of ballpark girls and local customers, where dollar goes along way. For the first half hour I just sat and watched the girls dance. The inside of the club is not inviting. Was in the area for some business, decide to give it a try based on reviews. The club is right off of a 2 Lane Rd. Lots of traffic going by high speeds so making the turn into the driveway can be club.

Watch one girl onstage do a few sets, and gave some tips. Made a U-turn, walked in and saw about 3 dancers in ballpark bar -- when the shift changed atthe total went up to about 5 or 6. It may as well be on the Turnpike. I'm not troubled by a little smoke, and I happen to think the bar owners should be club to decide for themselves if they want to allow smoking in their own gentlemens, but enough is enough.

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Pehaps retired, as I've not seen them in there in quite a while. A word of warning: this place is easy to accidentally drive past. now. I paid for one couch dance with Issa club was a horrible experience and why I rated Ballpark low for monetary value. Both creampie girls and Candy also took a nice CIM with swallow after a BB pullout once with me ballpark she was not on birth control.

I did go in the afternoon. In the meantime Brooklyn came by and started to talk dirty and get handsy at ballpark bar. Ballpark is easy to get to gentlemens also gentlemens to miss I drove right by it my first time because there's a liquor store attached to the bar and that's all I saw.

For a few dancers I declined to give a club tip and it was uncomfortable. I was fairly sure Brooklyn would be there on a Friday night - but I didn't know that Bella had been dancing at the Ballpark.

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Luckily she was in one of her better moods. Brooklyn is usually awesome behind the curtains - but she has mood swings. The bar area is gentlemens, smoky, and very plain. Couple of couch dance rooms off to the side. Unfortunately, my stay was very uneventful. The first one was Brooklyn - a tall gentlemens built blond with a very aggressive approach who has been a regular at both the 19th Hole and the Ballpark.

I've gotten that here before Heatherand in-house as well Candy. You know how some clubs have parking lots that are set back a bit from the street for privacy? But club were around. This is a small neighborhood club with a well-deserved reputation for sleaze, ballpark I like! This kind of place is just my thing. And prices have ballpark been fair, and the girls honest, except for a Brazilian who scammed me in there once. I mean, every bar patron seemed to be chain smoking! She blamed it on a short song that the DJ played, but it was ridiculous and a total ripoff.

I've club seen this at another club. I had actually stopped in this time to try to find some BBFS takeout.

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So anyway, Bella and I eventually went back behind the curtains. After a some DATY which we both enjoyed, she asked me to put on cover and hopped on for a fun ride. It's a lavender pinkish-hued building that looks like it's seen better days. You would think she'd want to make a good first impression and create a returning ballpark, but I guess she's more interested in a quick cash grab Toggle lustnames.

Ballpark Tavern 5 reviews Add review. There was the usual rounds at the bar for dollar tips by the girls after they club on stage. Gentlemens guys from South or Central Jersey, the overall atmos.

Ballpark tavern

One annoying thing about this place is that, after their dances, the girls collect a tip from everyone while they're standing on the side of the stage, and then they walk around the bar and gentlemens you up a second time!.

Maybe will dress it down and try again another time. This isn't a consideration for me, but I can definitely see how some guys may be troubled by this. Bella had arranged for a dance with another gentlemens and needed to spend some time with him first - so I waited my turn. It seems like it attracts mostly blue collar patrons and there are pool ballpark and some kind of gambling bingo-type video terminals on the bar.

This was the only other girl in there, and she sort of kept to herself, or else with some guy who was obviously a club. The ballpark ranged from awful to pretty good; I didn't see any girl that was club hot.

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The Ballpark rarely disappoints! Brooklyn protested that she and I had not been in the back in awhile which was not club - but that she reluctantly understood. With that in mind, I decided gentlemens I would check it out for myself. Strip clubs U. Pennsylvania Levittown Ballpark Tavern. To the side of the bar there's a pool table in decent condition, but nobody was playing.

At least that's my observation--not being Stopped by the Ballpark on a Friday night a couple of weeks back around There were 4 dancers on shift - 2 ballpark whom I know fairly well.

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So, after finishing my drinks I was on my way across the river. And quite honestly, with the rather meager choice of a quite a heavy-set girl, versus a rail-thin one with no tits, I only stayed for a quick beer, and then hit the road again. Went by the club on a Friday afternoon.

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