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Name: Lavina
Age: I am 19

The newbee obviously needed some more practice, however I thought that she was the was the most attractive dancer in the room.

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She had lots of body ink not my favorite and looked like she had a ificant rack.

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One was just getting off the stage when I arrived and I didn't get a good look at her, but she was probably in the range. I visited on a cold Friday afternoon. Topless on stage is the norm. Stage dance was ok, but not too spirited. Overall impression of the place was a little tired - the girls while friendly seemed kinda bored, the DJ was playing the usual terrible music and no one was really very excited to be there. There was no cover charge, I think before 7pm.

'air dances' instead of lap dances, from five feet away

This was definitely a good visit and I will return. Perfectly nice but nothing to write home about, everything was topless. There were only a few cars in the parking lot and only a couple of PL's.

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There was a football game on a large projection screen, but it was on the dim side. I sat down at a table against the north wall facing the stage. First impressions - it was a strip club. On the first visit I arrived mid afternoon. Lap dances happened either in the usual VIP room which I didn't try or on couches at the side of the room which I did.

She said the she remembered me, and I thought the she had me confused with some other bald headed guy. I observed about 4 or 5 dancers, mostly sitting with customers at the bar.

Strip club

I walked in, briefly let my eyes adjust and walked to the bar to get a drink. I arrived about 3P. FG can be hit or miss.

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This was a disappointing visit. After the dances I was asked for a tip, while I intended to give her a tip, it was a turnoff for the request. This is a compiiation of 2 afternoon visits. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Overall certainly not a bad experience, and I'm sure it could be more fun if a little busier, but not somewhere I'd go out of my way to visit again. She was engaged with her phone over in the SE corner of the building.

now. There were about a dozen cars in the parking lot. I didn't observe any tat's of body jewelery.

What it's really like to be a stripper in reno, nevada

Medium large, mirrors and water effects and lights around the room walls. When I was there it was quiet, maybe 10 other patrons and a handful of dancers. I only had a couple of hours to kill before a flight so I figured I'd stop in to check the place out. After about 10 minutes I was approached by a dancer who had been seated at the bar. Bouncer came around in about 6 minutes saying there was a 2 drink minimum, and to order at the bar.

Another dancer appeared but stayed behind me so I didn't get a good look at her.

Update: city reverses course on allowing dancing at re-opening reno strip clubs

A couple of VIP rooms available. I only stayed for minutes and didn't see any dancers on stage except for the dancer that was just getting off when I arrived. I did not see anyone on stage while I was there. However I will return.

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This was a good visit, but not a great visit. visits, there would usually be a couple of attractive babes, and a party going on. FG is one of the larger clubs in Reno, and late at night it is usually jumpin, especially on the weekends.

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Lots of neon and blacklights, nice comfortable leather chairs and recliners - although showing their age a little. Outside temp was about 20F.

I saw only 2 dancers. We did a 2 4 60 in the fantasies room and there was some good mutual contact, however there was some upsell for some additional activities. Toggle lustnames. Fantasy Girls 5 reviews Add review. It was quiet inside with about dancers and bout customers. Usually dances from newbee's are usually not very good because they are cautious and afraid that they will be getting into trouble.

On the second visit, again was mid afternoon, the club was mostly empty. I didn't see them out in the fresh air, so I can't comment if they were real or enhanced. Main room was a decent strip with a large central stage and at least one smaller one. The other dancer stayed at the bar messing with her cell club. There were 4 or 5 dancers maybe. My visit in early was a definite Reno and I girl probably retu I was here on a Sunday night, after finding the Key Club closed for some reason.

Her dances were some what mechanical. They adjourned to the bar and I didn't see the newbee leave the bar stool.

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There was only 1 other PL besides myself. I only saw 1 dancer the same body ink type that I had seen on the visit. A dancer got on the main stage and did her thing. These visits were definitely a MISS. Afternoons are just generally quiet. Everyone was friendly and cover and drinks seemed reasonably priced. A couple of dancers were talking with guys at tables in the dark club. It was pretty empty, which was not too surprising, since most clubs seem to peak after 11pm in the late evening.

She ed me after getting off the stage and she was right, we had had a encounter. She said that she normally works nights but was working that day because of Forecast flooding the next few days.

Adult entertainment businesses to stay closed under phase 2 re-openings

Related Clubs. There was an announcement about a dance special 2 4 10 or something like that. All were on the petite side, but most had tattoos. Of the dancers that I observed,that had their tits out in the fresh air, all appeared to be natural.

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Quality of dancers was mixed, between maybe depending on your taste. I tipped her and received a facefull of some soft naturals. Her dances very very hands on and one the better dances that I have received at FG. After the dances, I went back and observed a dancer on stage.

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The blond bar tender was attractive, pleasant and had an obvious blouse full. Strip clubs U. Nevada Reno Fantasy Girls. FG can be hit or miss and these visits were definitely miss. I was not approached for a dance. I visited Fantasy Girls on a late Sunday afternoon.

Club is as I remembered it. There were a couple of dancers on stage in bikinis with one trying to give instruction to another dancer on how to use the stripper pole. Full bar in reno. The game was also on the regular TVs mounted around the room. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Password Remember Me. Password Register. We were the only ones there. I initially didn't see anyone on stage.

She had a lot of body ink which is not my favorite. She quickly ed an apparent regular and did a couple of dances with him. Club type: Topless Dancers.

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