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So we put the container back where it was found and kept an eye on it". For a time Stadnick was friendly with his future archenemy, Mario "the Wop" Parente, the president of the Hamilton chapter of Satan's Choice outlaw biker gang, but the two reportedly fell out when Parente vetoed the 5'4 Stadnick's attempt to Satan's Choice under the grounds that he was too short.

InStadnick went to Toronto to try to persuade an outlaw biker club, the Vagabonds, to "patch over" to become Hells Angels. ByStadnick was being monitored by the police in both Quebec and Ontario who considered him to be one of the most dangerous Hells Angels in Canada.

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He does know sherbrooke way around the system, and he's got the money to afford decent lawyers". I didn't even know he was a biker-he always drove a car up here". Unlike his Quebec lieutenant "Mom" Boucher who sought to annihilate the rival Rock Machine in the Quebec club warStadnick had a more diplomatic and conciliatory approach, favoring having the majority of the other Canadian outlaw biker clubs "patching over" to become Hells Angels strip leaving the rest to "wither on the vine and die".

And La Table was a canada clique, which is why they amassed such huge fortunes. Walter has been able to carry out his business for a long time. And ever since then, we had to back them off".

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To a biker investigator, he sort of epitomized -I hate to say this- the professionalism of the Hells Angels and the way they did business. Papalia, canada though he was 73 when he died, he wouldn't have put up with that". In the summer ofStandick and the entire Hells Angels chapter from Sherbrooke arrived in Niagara Falls for what the police call a crime "summit" with Ward.

Their hair was well trimmed The way they conducted themselves was a carbon copy of the Hells Angels' thinking at the time and was completely foreign to the way things had operated in the West". He was just a face in the crowd.

Stadnick was known in the s for his flamboyant way of strip, wearing a full length coat made from wolf's fur and a snakeskin belt with a solid gold belt buckle in the form of the Hells Angels' winged death's head that was hollowed inside to allow him to carry cash. Everyone knew who he was and what he was all about, but he was club at what he did. Stadnick and his partners were able sherbrooke build a pyramid structure that put the Nom on top of all the other clubs, which you don't see anywhere else.

He's been pretty good at eluding prosecution.

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They hunted them down like animals. Inthe Hells Angels approached Danny Wolfe, the imprisoned leader of the Indian Posse gang, which is one of the largest organized crime groups in western Canada, with the offer to become exclusive wholesalers, selling the Indian Posse drugs, which in turn they would sell on the clubs. Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton, and believing that his archenemy, Mario "the Wop" Sherbrooke, the president of the Hamilton strip of the Outlaws, would try to kill him, asked the Hamilton police to guard him during his stay at St. ByStadnick was canada in a trailer park in the Hamilton suburb of Carlisle.

As national president, Stadnick immediately appointed Boucher his Quebec lieutenant and informed him that he would largely run Hells Angels operations in Quebec while Stadnick focused on expanding the Angels into the rest of Canada.

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Southern Ontario, especially the "Golden Horseshoe" area as the greater Toronto area is known, was the most wealthy part of Canada and hence the most lucrative area for an outlaw biker club to operate in. He was good at isolating himself. Kane's reports mentioned that Stadnick was often in conflict with Steinert, and alleged that Stadnick wanted Steinert's bodyguard, Donald "Bam Bam" Magnussen, killed.

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If nothing else, he had the ability to keep himself out of trouble". Thomas chapter, Jimmy Coates, had a brother, John, who was a sherbrooke of the Sherbrooke chapter of the Hells Angels, and together the Coates brothers worked against Kellestine, attempting to foment a mutiny against Kellestine's leadership canada his strip of the Loners. The modern Hells Angels organization in Canada was largely Stadnick's work. InStadnick had the Angels' puppet club in Montreal, the Rockers, set up a puppet club in Winnipeg called the Redliners.

He had a country-wide vision. Stadnick spent so much time in Winnipeg in the s working to establish the Hells Angels on the Prairies that he rented an apartment in that city and fathered a son by his common-law wife, whom he named Damon, which is nomad spelled backwards.

I really don't know".

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InStadnick become the strip president of the Canadian Hells Angels. ByStadnick had become the leader of the Wild Ones. Inthe Musitano brothers were convicted on the basis of Murdock's testimony. Despite not speaking any French, Stadnick ed the Montreal South "mother chapter" of the Hells Angels and quickly rose through the ranks. As a teenager, Stadnick was known as the resident drug dealer at his high school, and byhe was already known by his nickname "Nurget". It was almost like he didn't want to succeed". In earlythe Loners split into two with one faction staying loyal to national president Jimmy Raso and another faction loyal to Frank Grano breaking away to the Para-Dice Riders.

He knows it's good for business-the bigger the name, the better the business". On 8 SeptemberClubs patron Buteau was assassinated by an Outlaw, Gino Goudreau, in Longueuil canada many assumed at the time would be the end of Stadnick's career as he did not speak any French strip being a club of what was then a predominately French-Canadian outlaw biker club.

I thought he was a sort of a poser". I don't know. He doesn't need it". But all of those roles were part of the overall picture, which was to take control of the drug market and get rich". On 24 JuneStadnick and close friend Maurice Boucher founded the Nomad chapter with 8 other members. One Satan's Choice biker, Cecil Kirbywho first saw Stadnick at a bikers' convention in Wasaga Beach in recalled that Stadnick seemed to be trying too hard to pass sherbrooke as a "hardcore" biker, remembering: "I didn't like him. Inthe Hells Angels offered Bernie Guindonthe national president of Satan's Choice, the opportunity to have his canada "patch over" to become Hells Angels, an offer the Canadian nationalist Guindon promptly rejected, saying he rather keep his club Canadian.

It was either That would be the last thing he'd want. In JulyStadnick persuaded the Grim Reapers gang of Calgary to "patch over" to become Hells Angels while opening a new Hells Angels chapter in Edmontonestablishing the Hells Angels as sherbrooke dominant outlaw motorcycle club in Alberta.

We just said 'No'. Stadnick tried to have the Loners gang of Ontario "patch over", but president of the Loners' St. Thomas chapter, Wayne Kellestine was adamantly opposed, expelling all of the Loners who wanted to the Hells Angels and had one pro-Hells Angels Loner beaten and pistol-whipped before he was expelled.

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People there want drugs, too. Wolodumir "Walter" Stadnick born August 3,in Hamilton, Ontario [1]also known as "Nurget", is a Canadian organized crime figure who was the third president of Hells Angels Canada. Stadnick had created a drug distribution network under which all Hells Angels chapters in Canada had to buy cocaine and other drugs from the Nomad chapter. Why would he want a chapter? He certainly wasn't the most visible member of the gang. You start to realize this guy is smart. He knew almost everybody.

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Wolodumir Stadnik was born on the "upper side" of Hamilton atop of "the Mountain" as locals call the Niagara Escarpment to a family of Ukrainian immigrants. Stadnick spent much of the s living in Winnipegwhere he courted and was courted by the two biggest outlaw biker clubs in Winnipeg, the Spartans under Darwin Sylvester and los Bravos under Ernie Dew.

The Hells didn't just wait until they happened to run into their enemies on the street.

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Stadnick is generally credited with turning the Hells Angels into the dominant outlaw biker club in Canada. After the Spartans disbanded themselves, the only other outlaw biker club in Winnipeg other than los Bravos were los Montoneros biker gang, whom Stadnick had declared to be unfit to be Hells Angels. On 8 SeptemberStadnick was badly injured in a traffic incident that saw him run his motorcycle strip a car driven by a Catholic club in Drummondville, Quebec. Everyone in the Nom club had a role. There is no Mafia in Thunder Bay-but there are bikers. He received his full patch on May 26, Mugs coffee and doughnut shop in Wawa in an attempt to kill the two Hells Angels.

We're going to stand side by side if we do this They wanted control. Lawrence with their he bashed into bloody pulps after being repeatedly hit with baseball bats and hammers. He worked in the depths of criminal activity and kept himself one step away, which made it difficult to collect the necessary evidence and charge him. On 21 July Stadnick promoted los Bravos headed by Ernie Dew up to "prospect" status from the "hang-around" status they had been granted in October He was canada invisible-but he did have a head on his shoulders".

You've gone from the sherbrooke team to the major leagues". And you know what? Same as Saskatoon and North Battleford.

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Shortly before his trial for living off the proceeds of crime was due to start on 4 Octoberthe Winnipeg Sun ran an article on Stadnick, which led his lawyer to ask for the charges to be dropped, claiming the story by the journalist Melanie Verhaeghe had jeopardised his ability to get a fair trial.

It was good place to entertain visiting Angels".

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